In today’s digital age, securing our online identities has become more crucial than ever. With numerous accounts and passwords to manage, individuals and organisations are seeking reliable solutions to enhance password security while maintaining convenience. LastPass, a leading password management solution, has introduced the LastPass Allegiance Partner Program, a collaborative initiative aimed at promoting secure password practices and empowering users worldwide.

So, what exactly is the LastPass Allegiance Partner Program?

The LastPass Allegiance Partner Program is a partnership initiative designed to bring together organizations and LastPass to foster a collective effort in strengthening password security. Through this program, LastPass collaborates with various entities, including technology vendors, resellers, managed service providers (MSPs), and consultants, to extend the reach of their password management solution and promote best practices for secure password management.

What benefits await our valued Partners:

By joining the LastPass Allegiance Partner Program, organisations can unlock a range of benefits that enable them to deliver enhanced password security solutions to their clients or customers. Some key advantages include:

Please note: The below benefits are subjective upon Partner tier level.

  • Exclusive discounts and incentives: Partners enjoy exclusive discounts based on their program tier, ensuring a competitive advantage in the market.


  • Additional NFR Licences: Solution providers and MSP partners are entitled to additional Not-for-Resale (NFR) licenses (up to a maximum of 15), enabling the partner to gain better insights into LastPass’s product offerings.


  • Dedicated Partner Enablement: Partners gain access to LastPass’s robust, feature- rich password management platform & dedicated partner support. This empowers them to provide customers with a comprehensive solution for secure password storage, generation, and autofill across devices and platforms.


  • Additional Sales & Technical Support: LastPass equips partners with additional training, support resources, and access to LastPass University. This support empower partners and enhance their ability to deliver exceptional password management solutions to their client.


  • Marketing Collaboration: LastPass collaborates with partners on joint marketing initiatives, co-branding opportunities, and lead generation activities. This helps partners increase their visibility, expand their customer base, and drive business growth.


Ready to take the next step?

LastPass offers a tier-based Partner Program, tailored to meet the unique needs of various organisations. Requirements for participation may vary for MSPs and VARs, but generally involve meeting minimum revenue thresholds, license completion targets, and acquiring necessary certifications.



Excited and want to learn more?

If you’re eager to explore the exciting opportunities offered by the LastPass Allegiance Partner Program, reach out to today! to uncover the full potential of secure password management.