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Any Password Management solution is better than none, however LastPass isn’t the world’s leading Password Manager by accident. LastPass empowers employees to generate, secure, and share credentials seamlessly, while providing valuable insight and control to Admins and ensuring protection through LastPass’ zero-knowledge security infrastructure.

Why LastPass?

LastPass removes obstacles, letting you get back to the things you love most.

Central admin control – The admin dashboard offers automated user management, policies, and more that busy IT admins need.

User directory integrations – Automate onboarding and offboarding, group management, and more with AD, Azure AD, Okta, or a custom API.

Secure password sharing – Give teams a flexible, safe way to share access to apps without sacrificing accountability or security.

Detailed security reports – Tie actions to individuals with automated, detailed reporting that helps your business maintain compliance.

100+ security policies – Enforce best practices and control password behaviour across the business.

Universal access – Whether in the office, working from home, or on the road, employees can securely work anywhere.

Single Sign-On – Federate logins to enterprise-ready cloud apps that live side-by-side in LastPass for a seamless employee experience.


LastPass MSP

The LastPass MSP programme provides Managed Service Providers (MSPs) visibility and control over every access point of their customer’s business. It’s an integrated single sign-on and password management solution. LastPass allows your company to generate incremental revenue while seamlessly managing your customers’ accounts in a single pane of glass.

This programme was designed specifically for Managed Service Providers, with one central admin console, flexibility to add or remove seats, and monthly billing options.

A MSP will have the ‘Managed Companies’ tab on their LastPass Business Admin Dashboard, where they can:

Add a managed company.

Access the admin console of their managed companies (perform all tasks included in a LastPass Business admin console).

Add / remove licenses to a managed company.

Suspend the managed company (pause all LastPass functionality).

Remove the managed company from their MSP account.

Earn up to $1000 vouchers with LastPass and Bluechip Infotech NZ

LastPass and Bluechip Infotech New Zealand have collaborated to introduce an exciting new incentive for our MSP partners in New Zealand.

How to qualify?

Resellers will be ranked based on the number of LastPass licenses they deploy during the contest period.

– Sell a minimum of 10 new seats: $5 voucher for each seat (e.g if you sell 11 seats you will receive $55)
– Sell a minimum of 25 new seats: $7 voucher for each seat (e.g if you sell 25 seats you will receive $175)
– You can earn up to $1,000
Terms and Conditions
– Contest period from 1st of May to 30 June 2024
– Only new seats are counted
– You need to be a LastPass allegiance program partner
– You need to have access to the LastPass admin console
– Vouchers will be given as Prezzy Card
– Vouchers will be organised with you in July 2024
– Vouchers will be rounded up to the nearest $10
– MSPs can earn up to a maximum of $1,000 in voucher
– Maximum budget for this incentive is $4,000 NZD. If the voucher budget is surpassed before the end of June, any additional new seats sold will not count towards the incentive

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