In this update:

  • 3CX product development updates
  • 3CX perpetual license changes
  • Soft Solutions August Webinars
  • Yealink MTR (Microsoft Teams Room) Solutions
  • Yealink Security
  • Jabra product spotlight
  • Grandstream expand their Network Switch
  • Yealink product spotlight and promotions
  • Fanvil NFR’s and promotion
  • 3CX Technical Certifications update
  • 3CX partnership – not a partner yet? Come and join us!
  • Case studies – stories sell products!
  • Demo equipment
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3CX product development updates


Activation Server Connection


A new blog published August 24 details that to reach the 3CX Activation Server customers need to be on update 8. This means at point of renewal when license verification is needed, customers must be on update 8 to connect to the Activation Server and have their license extend out. See the blog at this link.

Earlier in the month 3CX released update 8 as final along with a minor hotfix – the hotfix has now been rolled into update 8 – to recap the key changes in update 8:

  • Yealink T4U phones added as Router (SBC on board) units: This change came into the final release – a special firmware is required to use the units as Router phones and downloadable from 3CX’s firmware listing at this link.
  • Management Console -> Admin Console migration: We continue to see the migration of features from the Management Console across to the WebClient Admin Panel. The WebClient Admin Panel is now known as the Admin Console.
  • MS Office 365 integration: Taking advantage of the new API makes configuration easier and allows users to create a new contact in MS365 from a new caller ID along with being able to search MS365 contacts via the WebClient.
  • SharePoint for backups and recordings: A much asked for feature will be delivered when the update goes live.
  • Admin Console Reports: The reports are getting an overhaul. Reports are being merged and simplified and will be available to extensions with a Manager or Owner role. Can also be locked down by IP address so added security.
  • CRM server side integration: With a complete revamp of the code there are some key enhancements including the ability to add contacts to the CRM from an inbound call.
  • Headset integrations: Jabra and Poly (Plantronics) are back after some changes on their end – all support via the hardware manufacturer.
  • TAPI: If you know about TAPI you’ll be excited to hear it’s in the Desktop App for update 8.
  • And much more: there is a lot of detail and change in update 8. Read the full blog releases at:

For those already using router phones from Yealink, Fanvil or Snom there have been updated firmware builds introduced – check out the blog here for the latest news.


3CX perpetual license changes


At the end of July, 3CX announced the EOL of perpetual license renewals. Around two months prior to a license needing to be renewed, 3CX will convert it form a perpetual license to an annual subscription so that the renewal can occur easily. For customers that have been renewing their licensing on time this will have no impact for them. The pricing on perpetual and annual subscription renewals has been the same for some time now. The only impact that is likely to occur, is for customers who have not renewed maintenance and are not on the current version of 3CX v18 update 5 or higher. In those scenarios – reach out to us on for advice and guidance. You can read 3CX’s full announcement at this link – we will quote annual license renewals instead of Perpetual moving forward.


Soft Solutions August Webinars


Did you miss our super popular bite size webinars this month? Not to worry we record and upload these to YouTube for ease. This month we held two webinars:

  • Introduction of Fanvil to our UC community and how the Fanvil Router (SBC on board) phones work well for 3CX partners. You can check out the recording here.

3CX Webinar – Wrapping Up 2023 Updates So Far + Ask Me Anything Q&A – in this month’s 3CX webinar we took a look back at all the major changes and updates that have occurred in 2023 and highlighted those “gotcha” things you should all be aware of. Check out the recording at this link.


Yealink MTR (Microsoft Teams Room) Solutions


Meeting rooms fitted with MTR devices help teams to collaborate and communicate with each other and customers seamlessly. Whether you’re in the room or working remotely you should be seen and heard and experience a meeting that is inclusive. Yealink has a full range of solutions from all-in-one MeetingBoards, to MVC room systems and the very popular Android MeetingBar’s.

It’s about finding the right solution for the room and ensuring that if any additional accessories are required, they are also included in the solution. Being able to share content either wirelessly or via a hard connection is another component to consider. The most important piece of a room solution is that it needs to be easy for team members to book and use.

If you haven’t already, check out the Microsoft Teams Device Deployment Guide at this link and the Yealink MTR Device landing page here. We’re happy to assist you with scoping out a solution for a customer, loaning demo gear and more. We have a MeetingBoard all-in-one collaboration device in our medium size meeting room and it’s used daily – you can check out a Yealink demo video here or if you’d like to come and visit and see it for yourself reach out to us on


Yealink Security


Security is top of mind for most customers and with hybrid work this has increased the level of questions customers ask. As you know Yealink have solutions for Microsoft Teams and Zoom and these worldwide leading platforms have utilised many security features to keep customer’s data safe. Yealink as a leading provider of UCC solutions, and as one of their key partners, wants to ensure customers know they always take security of customers’ personal information seriously.

Yealink has a dedicated section of their website at this link which is their Trust Centre. They share their security and compliance documentation at this link. Some key highlighted documentation:

  • Yealink Security Management has been recognised worldwide.
    • ISO/IEC 27001 – the worldwide standard for information security management. Request the report here
    • SOC2 Type1, SOC2 Type2, and SOC3 – validates Yealink’s rigorous service control systems regarding security, confidentiality, and privacy. (Developed by AICPA – American Institute of Certified Public Accountants). Download the report here.
  • Compliance with all laws and regulations is Yealink’s bottom line
    • GDPR the world’s toughest privacy and security. Yealink is GDPR compliant, showcasing their top-not data protections standards. View the report here
    • Microsoft Azure – Data is stored securely in accordance with local laws. Yealink product data is stored on Microsoft Azure with data centres located in Virginia and Paris. Learn more here.
  • Security testing is a crucial step for Yealink to keep their products secure.
    • Penetration testing by independent labs.. NetSPI, Miercom, Kudelski Security conduct these tests. Yealink has regular pen testing completed to look for exploitable vulnerabilities which ensures their customers’ security in the ever-changing environment. You can see a Miercom video review of MVC systems at this link
    • Well-known key component providers. – Yealink using reliable suppliers such as Qualcomm, Intel, Texas Instruments, NXP, and Sony. For Yealink, reliable suppliers are the cornerstone for them to be able to offer global customers a secure, high-quality, and innovative experience. Check out this video around their partnership with Intel here.

If you have security related questions reach out to us on and we can work with our Yealink key contacts to provide the information you or your clients require.


Jabra product spotlight


This month we’re featuring an entry level wired headset alongside a DECT wireless business headset. Headsets are a personal product with users having their own preferences. Regardless of whether a headset is wired or wireless teams should have a quality product for their daily use. Jabra delivers this across all facets of their range.
Evolve 40 – Stereo or Mono, MS Teams or UC
One of the most common questions we receive is for a wired headset for an office worker. The Evolve 40 is available in Stereo or Mono and comes as either a MS Teams certified or UC version. Better yet you can choose from USB-A or USB-C connections to suit your computer. This unit features a busy light to show your colleagues you’re in a call/meeting and features PNC (Passive Noise Cancellation) which will eliminate high-frequency noises such as voices in the background. It has a 3.5mm plug so you can connect to some phones/tablets for listening to music etc as well.








Engage 75 – Stereo, Mono, or Convertible


The flexibility of the Jabra Engage 75 DECT wireless headset is second to none. MS Teams certified, available as stereo/dual ear, mono or convertible it allows consistency of units within an organisation while letting individuals have their own preference as well. Being able to step away from your desk for up to 150 metres and not have your call quality compromised is a great feature. The Engage 75 delivers crystal clear audio, features a busy light so at a glance colleagues can see you’re not available and an up to 13 hours of talk-time battery life. What more could you need? This unit is perfect for business centric teams.







For more information on these or any other Jabra headset options reach out to us on


Grandstream expand their Network Switch


After successfully launching their first Layer 2+ Network Switches this year, Grandstream have continued to expand and enhance their range. We now have the GWN770X Unmanaged Network Switch models; the GWN780X Layer 2+ Managed Network Switches – now with 48-port options; and they’ve just unveiled new Layer 3 Managed Network Switches. The recent press releases are available at:



By providing advanced Layer 3 network control, dynamic routing capabilities, powerful security protection and multiple flexible management options, the GWN7810 Series is ideal for enterprises and large businesses who require maximum network capacity and control.


As with all GWN solutions from Grandstream you can easily manage them from the free GWN.Cloud platform and they come standard with a 3 year warranty.
Stock is due later this quarter and we can take pre-orders now. Reach out for pricing and more info to

Yealink product spotlight and promotions


This month’s product spotlight is on the WH6X range of wireless DECT headsets.

















These wireless DECT headsets can be used via direct connection to your computer or in conjunction with a popular Yealink IP phone. The WH62 and WH66 are available as Mono or Stereo and all units are MS Teams Certified. The portable units come with a DECT dongle and charger vs the charging stand but are great for hybrid workers. The WH66 and WH67 workstation models also have Bluetooth to connect to your mobile phone while it’s charging on the optional charging stand. These are great value and in high demand – we have some demo units you can borrow to put them through their paces. If you’d like pricing and availability, our team would be happy to assist.

For full details of our Q3 promos visit this link – below is a very brief overview:


  • A30 or A20 MeetingBar + CTP18 + FREE VCH51 or WPP30 – these very popular MS Teams certified MeetingBars will continue with the special pricing until the end of 2023 and you receive the VCH51 sharing box for FREE or the WPP30 wireless content sharing dongle. These suit many organisations requirements and fly out the door – we have a demo unit of the A20+CTP18+VCH51 and a WPP30 wireless sharing dongle that you are welcome to take for a test drive! Reach out to us if you want to try it out.
  • MVC840 Microsoft Teams Room (MTR) system bundle specials. These bundles have been created especially in NZ with added features to a base system. Check out the ready made bundles on the promo sheet OR reach out if you’d like to equip your own meeting room and we can do a build your own option at hot pricing. Contact Megan for more details.
  • WH66 Dual DECT Wireless Headset Workstation with WHC60 wireless charger – almost half price while stocks last. This is a current model – and what Megan uses every day!
  • MTR Deal registration – contact for assistance with any MTR opportunity. Deal register an opportunity receive a $20 Uber Eats Voucher, close the deal by 30th September 2023 and receive a further $30 Uber Eats Voucher.
  • NFR’s – contact Megan if you’d like to equip yourselves with NFR’s of any Yealink gear so you can show it to customers. Special pricing will apply as will limits on units.
  • Yealink Microsoft Certifications – complete any of these and tag Soft Solutions on LinkedIn to receive a spot prize!


Fanvil NFR’s and promotion


As we highlighted last month, 3CX has partnered with hardware vendors to have router capable IP phones. Fanvil has a large range of these router capable units. We have the full range of Fanvil phones available in our demo stock so if you’d like to take them for a test drive reach out to us on so we can arrange it for you.


We are also able to offer special NFR pricing on up to 2 units of each model per partner – reach out directly to Megan Twentyman for pricing on the model you’re interested in acquiring for your inhouse and demonstration purposes.


Until the 31st October 2023, we have a special promotion of buy 9 and receive 10 on the XU-V2 models. For example:
  • Purchase 9 x X6U-V2 units and receive your 10th unit for free.
  • Purchase a mixture of 9 units and receive an X4U-V2 for free. For example 3 x X6U-V2, 3 x X5&-V2, 3 x X4U-V2 and receive another X4U-V2 for free!







If you’d like to know more or receive a quote, contact our team on


3CX Technical Certifications update


As previously advised, 3CX are in the midst of updating their technical certifications. We’re moving from 3 levels of certification to just 2 and everyone will be required to re-certify. It is highly encouraged that all 3CX Partners have at least one staff member fully technical certified. The refreshed exams aren’t quite ready – 3CX are working on updating the Portal and they’ll be ready “soon”. 3CX has released updated training preparation pages on their website. You can access these at:


Stay with us as we await the new exams to be ready and then we can get the training rolling throughout NZ on a regular basis. We’ll run each level as a one-day course, and we’ll have options for in person or online.


3CX partnership – not a partner yet? Come and join us!


If you’re not a 3CX partner, now is a great time to explore how effective the 3CX IP PBX unified communication platform is. We’re sure it will fit several of your client’s requirements – with options for Cloud hosted / on-prem and Linux / Windows installations, it’s highly flexible. 3CX has recently updated its website, but a great overview is straight on their landing page at To chat about becoming a partner and what 3CX’s expectations are, please reach out to our UC BDM Megan Or, if you’re ready to sign up – use this specific link. Soft Solutions will help speed up your application.


Case studies – stories sell products!


We value the opportunity to work with you to produce case studies on success stories with our UC brands. If you have a good story to share, please reach out to us on and we can work with you. Case studies help sell the products to another customer. Grandstream have an incentive for GWN case studies but for case studies that we produce we’re happy to shout your team a pizza lunch. Get in touch so we can help you grow through sharing successes.


Demo equipment


Here at Soft Solutions, we hold a demo pool of Grandstream and Yealink products. This ranges from IP phones, DECT phones to headsets, WiFi Access Points and more. We loan these units out to you our valued partners. It’s a great way to be able to test out units and see if they meet the needs of your clients. A great way to evaluate new offerings ahead of purchase. If you’d like to borrow anything, please reach out to Megan Twentyman our BDM – UC in the first instance.


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