Entrust Certificate Services is a web-based certificate lifecycle management platform that helps you manage all of your digital certificates, from Entrust and other Certification Authorities. It provides access to a host of tools generating detailed reports that help users to improve uptime, avoid security lapses and preserve brand reputation. Benefit from 24×7 web-based access to technical insights, status updates, and website scanning for end-to-end lifecycle management of all of your digital certificates.


Certificates supported include:


  • TLS/SSL Certificates
  • Document Signing Certificates
  • Code Signing Certificates
  • Secure Email Certificates
  • Qualified Certificates (QWACs)


TLS/SSL Certificates


All Entrust TLS/SSL certificates are industry compliant certificates, including SHA2, X.509 and support for 2048-bit + keys. When your website is secured by an Entrust TLS/SSL Certificate, your visitors can be confident knowing that your organization’s identity has been verified and that encryption will keep their data and transactions secure.

Datasheet: Centralized TLS/SSL Certificate Lifecycle Management


Document Signing Certificates


You can generate identity-verified and secure digital signatures on electronic documents with trusted digital signing certificates from Entrust. Our document signing certificate solutions include support and offer options for signature type, signature amount, and lifetimes.

Datasheet: Entrust Document Signing Certificates


Code Signing Certificates


Entrust Code Signing Certificates authenticate a software publisher’s identity and verifies code integrity with a tamperproof seal for software downloads. It increases user adoption, maintains brand reputation and protects your customers.

Datasheet: Code Signing Certificates datasheet


Secure Email Certificates


Entrust S/MIME certificates secure email communication through end-to-end encryption and identify the sender via a digital signature. Entrust offers automated S/MIME certificate deployment that can scale to meet the latest industry requirements and multiple use cases.

Datasheet: Entrust Secure Email Certificates offer


Qualified Certificates (QWACs)


Entrust EU is recognized across all EU and EEA countries as a QTSP and has undergone the appropriate eIDAS conformity assessments in order to be able to provide Qualified Certificates for Website Authentication. View Entrust EU on the EU Trust List.


Some of the features of Entrust Certificate Services are:


certificate lifecycle management


For enquiries, contact Dhruv Patel (dhruv@sofsol.co.nz)