Securing a world in motion

Establish and maintain trusted user and machine identities

Entrust has been securing a world in motion since 1969.
Entrust has established secure connections across the planet and even into outer space. They have enabled reliable debit and credit card purchases with their card printing and issuance technologies.
Protected international travel with their border control solutions. Created secure experiences on the internet with their SSL technologies. Safeguarded networks and devices with their suite of authentication products.

billion financial and government cards issued

million workforce and consumer identities protected

million financial messages encrypted daily

Strong identities

Entrust helps establish and maintain trusted user and machine identities. This provides a strong foundation for experiences like hybrid work and frameworks like zero trust – all with the most advanced identity and encryption technology to help prevent evolving security threats.


Identity Verification
ID Issuance
User Identity
Machine Identity
Digital Signature

Secure payments

Entrust helps secure modern payments with the issuance of secure digital and physical payment credentials so financial customers can pay how and when they like. Our unique portfolio includes digital card issuance, high-volume card issuance, and in-branch instant issuance of fully personalised cards.


Financial Issuance
Digital Card Solution

Trusted infrastructure

Our solutions use trusted identities and applied cryptography, PKI, and other advanced security technologies to stop cybersecurity threats, protect data, and enable digital life. The result is a foundation of trust that empowers organisations and end users to adopt new technologies, solve business challenges, and drive transformation with confidence.


Database Security
Multi-Cloud Security

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