Protecting your systems and assets is crucial now more than ever as password theft is surging. As a result of the pandemic, full-time remote work or a hybrid work environment is the new normal around the world. Furthermore, it is here to stay. Users are also consuming more of the web and engaging more online. A lot of services are now offered online only as opposed to in person. These changes to everyday life open a vulnerable doorway for security threats. It provides ample opportunity for password breaches to slip through.

While working remotely (whether at home or at a public space), threats lurk everywhere. There is the risk of unauthorised personnel gaining access into a device, and then into confidential information or the system, if they attain knowledge of the password. Beyond the security risks remote working poses, there is the risk of users reusing the same work-related passwords, across a range of other non-work-related services / apps / sites.

How can you be protected?

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a method that asks the user to provide extra verification once they have entered their password. This can be applied to a device, account, or the VPN. After entering their password, they will be prompted to do one more step to be verified for access.

WatchGuard’s multi-factor authentication adds a necessary security layer. It is an easy to deploy, cloud-based and cost-effective solution that will protect you from these security risks. It helps you enforce a zero-trust policy and more.

WatchGuard AuthPoint

1) Easy to deploy and use: Follow a five-step sequence in WatchGuard Cloud for activation and configure users in a few easy steps, without the need for technical knowledge or a technical team.

2) Easy to manage: Quickly view reports and alerts, configure services, and manage tokens from the centralised cloud. In the cloud, you can also run dark web scans. Find real data about breaches that have exposed company domains on the dark web.

3) Allows Web SSO: Supports SAML protocol and enables login once, to access cloud applications for a smoother experience and reduces the need to remember multiple passwords.

4) Three mobile DNA authentication methods supported: All that is needed is a smart device and the app. Then authenticate via a push notification. Alternatively, scan a QR code specific to the user’s phone. Finally, an OTP password is possible which is time limited. This generates a new password every few seconds.

5) Hardware token: AuthPoint offers a time-based OTP (one-time password) hardware token option as an alternative to using the smartphone mobile token. Activate in one easy step through WatchGuard cloud. Comes with 3-year warranty and 7+ years life expectancy.

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