Ransomware was assessed as the prime threat in 2020-2021. Unfortunately, attacks are dramatically increasing in number and frequency year over year, with high-impact, headline-making incidents continuously growing.

WatchGuard Endpoint Security brings you the ability to deliver robust protection and better service to keep your clients secure. We keep working on adding new features to provide a more robust endpoint security approach to our partners and MSPs.

This Endpoint Security release expands prevention and response technologies in our portfolio offering, where we had some anti-ransomware capabilities already in place, but you can never be too careful against ransomware.

We have incorporated more specific protection and recovery features such as Deep Learning and Early Launch Anti-Malware (ELAM) technologies, Shadow Copies, and Decoy Files. Last but not least, besides Support for iOS devices, we have also included VPN access that will enable enforcement for VPN connections on our endpoints.


What is new with this release?


Greater Protection
  • The Decoy Files technology (honeypot technology) used in our TDR product has been incorporated into this recent version of WatchGuard Endpoint Security
  • We’ve added Deep Learning Technology & Improved anti-tampering leveraging ELAM
Greater Recovery
  • The ability to recover files encrypted by ransomware using the Shadow Copies included in Windows OS and managed from WatchGuard Cloud.
iOS Support
  • It includes the following features: anti-theft (geolocation, remote lock, remote wipe, etc.), URL filtering, malware URL detection, and phishing protection.
VPN Enforcement
  • It enables users to use VPN access to corporate resources only when endpoint protection is active and running. It is supported in Windows (soon in macOS) and works alongside a Firebox.


Switch to WatchGuard to get the benefits

For a limited time, WatchGuard will buy out your existing endpoint security (competitive) contracts for up to 12 months, based on time left on the competitor contract. This is only applicable for 3-year deals and available to new customers purchasing over 50 seats. Contact sales@sofsol.co.nz for more  information. Valid until Thursday 30th June. Check out our current promotions here.


Product Update