We all know that we should be using a password that should meet the criteria of being long, strong, and unique for all our accounts. But these days, we have so many accounts, whether it’s personal or for business, and the number of accounts will forever be increasing. So, it becomes harder to remember our passwords, and instead of making them unique, we often reuse the same ones, making our accounts more vulnerable to attack.

It’s very easy to think

  • That no one is going to put the effort to hack into your password
  • You have nothing in your account that someone may want

However, most cyber-attacks are random and don’t target specific individuals. Have you ever gotten an email saying, “Congratulations, you have won $1,000,000. Open the link to claim your prize”? These emails are quite common and get sent to many users. Even a simple click of a link could compromise your credentials, and if you were to have reused that same password on other sites, you run the risk of all your accounts being compromised.

Google statistics show that

  • 52% reuse the same password for multiple (but not all accounts)
  • 35% use a different password for all accounts
  • 13% Reuse the same password for all accounts
  • 59% use their name or birthdate in their passwords
  • 43% have shared their password with someone else
  • A 12-character password takes 62 trillion times long to crack than 6-character passwords
  • 33% have over 20 passwords
  • 78% of people have had to reset their password in their personal life and 57% for business
  • Employees use the same password an average of 13 times
  • 80% of hacking related breaches are linked to passwords

It’s hard to believe until the facts and statistics are in front of us. It’s crazy to think that passwords such a simple tool that we use make and break a business and how important best practice password hygiene is to ensure that your information is safe.

How do you stop reusing passwords with LastPass?

Passwords take time to think off, passwords have criteria’s they need to meet whether it’s having a certain number of characters, letter, numbers, and symbols and on top of that it shouldn’t be easy to guess. That sounds very time consuming to do that for all passwords. So why not make it easier by using a Password Generator. LastPass has a password generator that automatically creates a strong and random password for you based on

  • Your Password length
  • How easy it is to say
  • How easy it is to read
  • All characters – whether you want uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and symbols

It is a tool that generates best practice passwords in seconds. With a simple copy and paste and a few minutes of your time, you now have an uncrackable password that could turn a hacker’s dream into their worst nightmare.

So, tell me, are you going to spend hours still thinking of strong and complex passwords that you struggle to remember, or will you jump onto LastPass where passwords are generated in seconds, and you’ll never have to reuse the same password ever again?

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