Trusted, Secure & Reliable are three words that come to mind when I think of the LastPass Zero knowledge model. Thousands of businesses rely on LastPass to keep their data safe & protect their business.


But why choose LastPass?

“No one but you knows your Password, not even LastPass.”

LastPass is designed to keep sensitive data safe using a zero-knowledge security model. LastPass does not send or store the master password. The Master password is only known to the user; even when resetting the password, an Admin can send a reset link but never see the password.

Encryption with 256-bit AES (utilized by banks and the military and widely accepted as impenetrable) happens exclusively at the device level before syncing to LastPass for safe storage, so only users can decrypt their data. 

Biometric data is also encrypted at the device level and never leaves the user’s device, protecting biometric data from server-side attacks such as brute force attacks.

In addition, LastPass also offers the following:


  • SOC 2 & ISO 27001 Compliance
    • This detailed review of LastPass controls and processes is a “gold standard” for confirming the security and reliability of LastPass.
  • Regular audits & pen tests
    • We engage trusted, world-class, third-party security firms to conduct routine audits and testing of the LastPass service and infrastructure.
  • Transparent incident response
    • Our team reacts swiftly to reports of bugs or vulnerabilities and communicates transparently with our community.
  • Bug Bounty program
    • The bug bounty program incentivizes responsible disclosure and improvements to LastPass services from top security researchers.


LastPass is built so that if it can’t access your data, neither can hackers. So what are you waiting for?

To find out more, contact Parthiv from Soft Solutions.


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