In today’s day and age, the use of information systems is vital for daily operations and accessing important business-related data.

Most importantly, this information should be protected at all times to avoid the possibility of security breaches from hackers resulting in the disruption of daily tasks.

These breaches can result in ransomware attacks and the exploitation of critical information to hackers.

Cyberattacks like these can be very detrimental to businesses posing a huge financial risk and even risking the future of the organisation.

To avoid these risks from occurring, businesses should consider investing in vulnerability solutions and ensure thorough security training is provided to their employees.

With successful vulnerability management, organisations can now ensure their network is protected against potential security gaps, drastically reducing or eliminating the impact of external attacks via the attack surface.


Vulnerability Manager

How can Vulnerability Management be achieved?

Proactive vulnerability management can be achieved with ManageEngine’s Vulnerability Manager Plus.

Vulnerability Manager Plus is a is a multi-OS vulnerability management and compliance solution that offers built-in remediation. It is an end-to-end vulnerability management tool delivering comprehensive coverage, continual visibility, rigorous assessment, integral remediation of threats and vulnerabilities, from a single console.

Here are some of the features that are available with Vulnerability Manager Plus:

  • Vulnerability Assessment – continually identify and assess real risks when they appear across your network
  • Compliance – accomplish and maintain compliance with over 75 CIS benchmarks by regularly monitoring your endpoints for all applicable CIS benchmarks, instantly detecting violations, and suggesting detailed, corrective actions.
  • Zero-day vulnerability migration – Use pre-built, tested scripts to identify and maintain zero-day vulnerabilities.
  • High risk software auditing – Monitor your endpoints continuously to help identify and uninstall unsafe, unauthorised and unsupported by the vendor.
  • Insightful reporting – Gain a holistic view with a range of pre-defined reports and actionable insights into your organisations network security.


If you would like to know about Vulnerability Manager Plus, and learn more about how your organisation can benefit with proactive vulnerability management. Please reach out to the ManageEngine NZ team at