An increasing number of businesses are moving towards cloud solutions. It’s not unexpected, and it’s not a sudden migration where companies adapt towards the cloud; it’s long coming as it is easy to maintain, straightforward, no-nonsense, and easy to access data. The independence of accessing information anytime, anywhere is something that everyone would like. Mobility in business is more vital than ever in the increasingly hybrid work environments, and data availability stands top of all other priorities.


ManageEngine is no exception, and I will list some of the advantages that On-Demand ServiceDesk Plus brings to the table.

1. Forget about Infrastructure maintenance: Do you hate updating your software and running a maintenance schedule to do that? Suppose you wanted to be free of responsibility for maintaining the underlying infrastructure, like software and network components. Look no further. You can support the tool with limited IT resources.

2. Say goodbye to Downtime: On-Demand solution is designed to be readily available and easily accessible by keeping the bugs and other errors at bay. If you prefer to monitor your tool and ensure it has maximum uptime. On-Demand is your best friend.

3. Stay Secure: If you want to be protected from malware, phishing, and ransomware. The on-demand solution offers security and reliability by protecting you from cyber threats. If you don’t like to worry about security measures now and then, choose ServiceDesk Plus On-Demand. With changing security standards, do you want your solution to be agile to those demands? Service Desk Plus offers some of the latest security features:
Multi-Factor Authentication– Reduce unauthorised access.
Data backup– Automatically back up your data to protect against hardware failure again.
Security up to date– Don’t worry about updating the security patch. We do it for you in the Cloud and avoid new or emerging cyber threats.

4. Scalability: Do you think your organisation is growing? Do you foresee new users joining soon? Scale up without worry about managing the infrastructure. ServiceDesk Plus offers flexibility by adjusting your demands and effectively delivering without delays. If you want to talk about subscriptions and licences, Our licensing team at Soft Solutions would be more than happy to assist anytime.

Suppose you want to leverage cloud-based technology and incorporate an award-winning solution. Look no further. Call us at Soft Solutions or send an email to