We know that network security is a hot discussion topic for partners and WatchGuard has been delivering high quality devices for 25 years. WatchGuard offers a full line of hardware, virtual and Cloud UTM appliances, guaranteeing the right size appliance for your business. Furthermore, its Total Security Suite offers the security services you need, without the complexity typically needed to manage.

The new Firebox M Series range of appliances (290, M390, M590, M690), combine better security, performance, and flexibility. They offer several enhancements, including being:

  • Faster and more powerful. Each appliance has been designed to optimise HTTPS content inspection throughput – essential to detecting today’s malware. (Refer to WatchGuard’s Internet Security Report for a great threat landscape overview).
  • Flexible and future-proof. The ability to add module expansion bays and available expansion modules, allow for customised port configuration to meet current needs. They also ensure the flexibility to adapt as your network evolves. Optional POE+ ports (M590/M690 only) make it easy to connect and power other devices, like security cameras or WatchGuard’s USP Wi-Fi Access Points.
  • Easy to deploy and manage. WatchGuard Cloud enables deployment, monitoring, reporting, and device management from the Cloud. RapidDeploy makes deployment easy; simply power up the appliance and connect it to the internet. The rest can be taken care of remotely from any location.
  • Reliable. Redundant power supplies ensure maximum availability (Firebox M590 and Firebox M690 only).

mid range

Key resources available to review:

The WatchGuard range also includes their MFA, EndPoint Security and Secure WiFi solutions.

WatchGuard has a range of flexible purchasing options which include:

  • Outright purchase for a 1 or 3 year term, with your selected Security Package.
  • FlexPay Subscription – zero up front cost and monthly billing with full flexibility to pause, stop, upgrade, etc. at any point.
  • FlexPay MSSP – a small upfront cost and ongoing monthly costs via a points system.

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