Any device, such as a smartphone, tablet or laptop provides an entry point for threats. WatchGuard Endpoint Security aims to secure every endpoint connecting to a network, to block access attempts and other risky activities. The need for effective endpoint security measures has increased substantially. 2021 saw lots of news of major cyber security attacks.

Now that Endpoint Security is integrated with WatchGuard Cloud, it becomes a single pane of glass to deploy, manage and monitor your clients’ endpoints.

If you previously used Panda360, you’ll be happy to know that WatchGuard Endpoint Security has implemented the following add-on modules to benefit your customers. They continue to work on enhancements.

WatchGuard Advanced Reporting Tool

Security add

Advanced Reporting Tool (ART) provides the necessary data to draw informed conclusions about corporate IT and security management. These conclusions can then help define an action plan, to determine the origin of security threats. And apply security measures to prevent future attacks. This includes:

  • Detecting network inbound / outbound connections to suspicious locations.
  • Monitoring the execution of legitimate software.
  • Using data search and contextual analysis for detailed investigations.
  • Identifying outliers and anomalies that might be threats and alerting you about suspicious behaviors.
  • Controlling bandwidth consumption to prevent resource misuse.
WatchGuard Patch Management

Keeping software up to date can quickly become complex without Patch Management. It fixes vulnerabilities on your software and applications, that are susceptible to cyber-attacks, as well as helping your organisation reduce its security risk. You should always keep all systems up to date with the latest patches.

WatchGuard Patch Management lets you:

  • Quickly and easily discover vulnerabilities, pending patches, and EOL program updates.
  • Audit, monitor and prioritise OS and application updates, with granular details such as searching for a specific CVE or patch name.
  • Automate patching schedules and EOL application replacements or deploy them in real time.
  • Isolate, patch and de-isolate endpoints to prevent incidents from spreading.
WatchGuard Full Encryption

Did you know a laptop is stolen every 53 seconds? One of the most effective ways to minimise data exposure is to encrypt the hard drives on desktops, laptops and servers. This way, access to data is secure and complies with established authentication mechanisms. Establishing encryption policies provide an additional layer of security and control for organisations.  Key functions are:

  • Encrypting your disks and protecting their content against theft, accidental loss and malicious insiders. Data encryption, decryption and access are automatic, immediate, and seamless to users.
  • Centralised Management of Recovery Keys. If the access key is forgotten, or there are changes in the boot sequence, BitLocker will ask for a recovery key to start up the affected system. If required, the network administrator can source the recovery key through the management console and send it to the user.
  •  By defining encryption policies from the console, and viewing policy changes through audit reports, you can present to regulatory bodies and institutions if required.

With these add-on modules now available in WatchGuard Cloud, they allow you to see and manage your products / services in one place. They make it easier to manage your endpoint security needs, with the combination of Advanced Reporting Tool, Patch Management and Full Encryption taking your IT security to the next level!

These modules, alongside key tools such as AuthPoint, Threat Detection & Response, provides IT administrators information to base decisions from. Take advantage of WatchGuard Cloud’s visibility and functionality today!

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