As an MSP, your clients entrust you with their most valuable assets: their data. In today’s digital landscape, that means you’re also responsible for shielding them from the ever-growing threat of dark web breaches. But with countless dark web monitoring solutions out there, choosing the right one can feel like navigating a minefield. Enter UBreach Pro, the ultimate weapon for MSPs seeking proactive protection, powerful sales tools, and unparalleled client satisfaction.




Current challenges with existing Dark web monitoring


  1. Lack of reliable breach data: There is limited breach data available from the most recent breaches available on the dark web. Most breach data is taken from a single outdated database source.
  2. Lack of MSP-enabled offerings: Established players generally have poor peer reviews for DWM as well as their partner programs.
  3. Difficulty in educating clients: Educating clients about the risks associated with dark web and the value of monitoring with complicated and time consuming products.



Why Ubreach Pro


  1. Powerful Sales Prospecting: Ubreach Pro empowers you to win new clients with actionable risk data. Generate free domain scan reports for prospects, highlighting vulnerabilities and the urgent need for your security services. The process is quick and easy: run a scan, brand the report with your MSP logo, and leverage ready-made marketing materials to drive interest and leads. This data-driven approach positions you as a trusted advisor, showcasing your expertise and the immediate value you bring.
  2. Extensive Breach Coverage: Ubreach Pro goes beyond basic breach monitoring. It scans a vast database of sources, including email accounts under client domains, to pinpoint exposed data with pinpoint accuracy. This comprehensive coverage ensures your clients are protected against a wider range of threats, even those targeting lesser-known channels. You can even view redacted exposed data for deeper analysis, and gain contextual insights into the severity of new breaches, empowering you to prioritize your response and communication.
  3. Proactive Client Protection: Ubreach Pro puts your clients at the forefront of dark web defense. Configure instant breach email alerts for admins, clients, and end-users, ensuring everyone is informed of potential threats as soon as they arise. Mark breaches as “resolved” to reduce client risk scores and demonstrate the effectiveness of your security measures. The revamped UI and data breach summary reports provide clear and actionable insights, enabling you to proactively address threats and keep your clients safe.


Not ready yet?


If you are already transacting with Usecure, you will have access to Ubreach, renamed to UBreach Starter. With UBreach starter you can test-drive the potential of Ubreach Pro to your clients by running unlimited domain scans at no cost however this is limited to 5 users and 5 breaches and a limited report. Although it will not show data on the level of the users it’s an excellent way to drive interest to your clients and showcase the exploits and vulnerabilities of the dark web.
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