With over 15,000 customers, 9.2 million monthly remediations, and over 3 million endpoints protected. In November 2023, Malwarebytes CEO Marcin Kleczynski, who founded the company in 2008, has made the separation of the commercial and consumer business units official with the launch of ThreatDown, formerly Malwarebytes for Business. The newly rebranded business unit will focus on enterprise-facing software, including managed and endpoint detection, while Malwarebytes will continue focusing on consumer tools, identity protection and its VPN.

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ThreatDown isn’t just a new name; it’s a paradigm shift. The platform boasts innovative features, including:

  • ThreatDown Security Advisor: This revolutionary tool provides a real-time security score and actionable recommendations in minutes, empowering businesses to prioritize and address vulnerabilities swiftly.
  • Streamlined Bundles: Core, Advanced, Elite, and Ultimate – each bundle caters to specific needs, offering an easy-to-navigate entry point to optimal security.


ThreatDown Security Advisor

ThreatDown Security Advisor is a FREE AI sidekick for those using Malwarebytes/ThreatDown platform. The Security Advisor scans your defences and grades your security posture to give you clear tips on your protection. The Security Advisor generates a health score based on what it finds, illuminating gaps in defences providing actionable recommendations to make better informed decisions saving you time and resources and improve your overall security expertise.

Threat down Security advisor is included in ALL threat down bundles. Learn more here.


ThreatDown Nebula dashboard view. Security Advisor enables organizations to visualize and improve their organisation’s security posture in just a few minutes.


ThreatDown Bundles

In Addition to the name change Malwarebytes have released four streamlined bundles: Core, Advanced, Elite, and Ultimate (each includes Security Advisor).

It combines the technologies and services that resource constrained IT teams need into four streamlined, cost-effective bundles that take down threats, take down complexity and take down costs:

  • ThreatDown Core Bundle: Your basic defender, blocking those everyday threats like malware and viruses. Perfect for starting out or keeping things straightforward. A simple yet superior solution integrating award-winning endpoint protection technologies.
  • ThreatDown Advanced Bundle: Everything included in core plus Managed Threat Hunting and Ransomware Rollback. It hunts down hidden dangers and fixes ransomware messes. Ideal if you need a little extra power, but have limited resources.
  • ThreatDown Elite Bundle: Everything in Advanced plus 24/7/365 expert monitoring and response by Malwarebytes MDR analysts. Best for sensitive data or if you need security on autopilot.
  • ThreatDown Ultimate Bundle: Everything in Elite plus protection from whole categories of malicious websites. Perfect for teams looking for a one-and-done shortcut to cybersecurity done right.



Become a ThreatDown Partner

ThreatDown isn’t just a rebrand; it’s a game-changer for resellers like you. By partnering with us, you’re equipping yourself with the sharpest tools and most efficient solutions to conquer the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape for your clients.

Here’s how ThreatDown empowers your success:

  • Simple Selling, Happy Clients: Ditch the convoluted pitches and technical jargon. ThreatDown’s four clear-cut bundles cater to specific needs, making your sales conversations a breeze. Plus, your clients will be thrilled with superior protection and actionable insights, boosting your customer satisfaction.
  • Recurring Revenue Stream: MDR services in the bundles offer an ongoing revenue stream, solidifying your long-term partnerships and adding predictability to your income.
  • Become a Cybersecurity Hero: ThreatDown positions you as a trusted advisor, helping your clients navigate the complex world of cybersecurity with confidence.
  • Comprehensive Resources: You’ll have access to extensive training, killer marketing materials, and dedicated support, ensuring you’re always equipped to win.

Partnering with ThreatDown is an investment in your future and your clients’ security. You’ll be at the forefront of cybersecurity, offering powerful solutions, simplified management, and cost-effective options for businesses of all sizes.

Reach out to parthiv@bluechipit.co.nz to sign up or for more information!