Managing the complexities of the IT world can be daunting. However, with the right solutions, you can face uncertainties and challenges with peace of mind. Solutions that streamline your IT management processes can make your life easier and your business more efficient. With the balance of good people, processes, and technology, this can be achieved. Having the right tools and technology with a streamlined process can simplify your life.

We at Bluechip Infotech can help you with the slew of ManageEngine solutions that can help you easily navigate it. Today, in this blog, we will follow Oliver’s Journey. Oliver is the IT manager of one of the leading banks in New Zealand. We will examine some of his challenges and how a ManageEngine Solution can help him.


1. Streamlining the IT Helpdesk: ServiceDesk Plus

Used Case:
Oliver, the IT manager, is getting feedback from the team that they are overwhelmed by the daily requests and incidents. Their existing system is a legacy system developed by his predecessors in IT team, which is not ITIL aligned, and it lacks several components that will make it easy for the team to achieve their objectives and manage IT infrastructure effectively.

Oliver discovers ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus, a comprehensive IT helpdesk software with ITIL support. It centralises all requests that’s coming towards him, and there are host of features such as automating the ticket assignment, and provides enhanced reporting features such as a Dashboard. It also provides some of the other features such as Knowledge Base, Digital workplace and Self-Service Portal.

The solution is a service management process certified with ISO/IEC 20000- 1; it meets industry best practices like ITIL.

Key Features:
• Native Mobile App
• Live Chat
• CMDB (Configuration Management Database)
• Comprehensive reporting and analytics


2. Enhancing Network Performance: Op Manager

Used Case:
Now that he had streamlined his IT Helpdesk tool, the next issue he encountered was some network performance issues. Oliver’s problem is that he is managing multiple monitoring solutions. The data is scattered, which also complicates his IT team’s ability to stay on top of things.

To help Oliver we can suggest ManageEngine OpManager, a network monitoring tool from ManageEngine, offers real-time network monitoring. It streamlines the monitoring process, ensuring minimum downtime. It also consolidates tools so the team doesn’t have to manage multiple tools.

Key Features:
• Real-time network monitoring
• SMS Based Alerts
• Anomaly Detection
• Customisable dashboards


3. Simplifying Identity and Access Management: AD Manager Plus

Used Case:
After the pandemic, many staff members are embracing the hybrid work environment. Oliver is trying to implement a governance tool to avoid external threats and implement a solution. To secure and manage users’ identities, Oliver requires a solution to help him onboard and offboard users, effectively eliminating some manual processes with advanced orchestration capabilities and ensuring the data is protected.

Oliver adopts ManageEngine AD Manager Plus, an Active Directory management and reporting solution. It automates routine AD tasks, such as user provisioning, de-provisioning etc., significantly reducing administrative overhead.

Key Features:
• Role-Based Access Management
• Create customisable workflows
• AD backup and recovery options
• Identity Risk Assessment


Oliver’s journey highlights IT managers’ diverse challenges today and showcases how ManageEngine’s suite of solutions can empower them to overcome these hurdles effectively. IT managers can enhance operational efficiency, security, and compliance by leveraging tools like ServiceDesk Plus, OpManager and AD Manager Plus. The beauty of these solutions is they can be integrated, so you don’t have to worry about these solutions talking to each other. It makes it easy for the team to ensure the IT infrastructure runs smoothly and effectively.