Endpoint detection and response (EDR) solutions have been the natural evolution from traditional anti-virus (AV). While it may automate processes, it doesn’t give that broader context beyond just the endpoint. This is especially true, when email’s the number one threat vector.


Trend Micro’s Worry-Free with Co-Managed XDR, is a cross-product, cross-customer, and cross-partner detection and response service. It’s co-managed by Trend Micro to help MSPs mitigate threats. Using Trend’s security analysts, MSPs can now raise their security offering, without additional staff or investment.


Trend Micro understands MSPs are busy. They don’t always have time to correlate the thousands of threats detected, to fully investigate an attack source. This solution spans across your customers and all partners, to examine similar threats. The co-managed aspect supplements your team’s capabilities.


Benefits to MSPs


  • Increase protection for your customers
    • Earlier detection and response to eliminate potential threats.
    • 24/7 active monitoring and protection.
  • Expand your business
    • Raise your security offering, and tap new opportunities.
    • Upsell and cross-sell, with more products and services.
  • Lower operating costs
    • Outsource time-consuming tasks like threat triage / investigation.
    • Add security analysts and expertise, without hiring or building infrastructure.


Worry-Free with Co-Managed XDR is designed specifically for MSPs. Learn more about it here. Book a 30-minute, one-on-one webinar with a Trend Micro sales engineer, and you could earn a bottle of Chivas Regal 12yr old whiskey. Reach out to sales@sofsol.co.nz for details.


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