In this update (October 2022):
  • Event – Channel Update, Auckland in person
  • VoIP to UC (Unified Communications)
  • Upcoming webinar: 3CX licensing – what’s recently changed?
  • 3CX v16 EOL is looming
  • Unboxing Grandstream’s WP825 ruggedised portable WiFi phone
  • Soft Solutions UC resources on YouTube and our Blog
  • Latest blogs from 3CX
  • Yealink – what’s coming in 2023
  • Grandstream’s latest and upcoming GWN solutions
  • HALO IoT Smart Sensor 2C
  • Yealink promotions
  • 3CX partnership
  • VoIP Hardware NFRs – Yealink or Grandstream
  • Need demo equipment?
  • Submit a great 3CX case study
  • Firmware for IP phones
  • Join our LinkedIn UC community


Event – Channel Update, Auckland in person

Join our UC team for a channel update on Wednesday 2nd November. We’ll be covering updates and insights across our UC portfolio. We’ll start with a light breakfast and then kick off with presentations from Megan Twentyman our BDM UC who’ll share our perspectives across our portfolio. We’ll have presenters from 3CX and Grandstream at the event and presentations from our UC team around Yealink and the Call4Tel Appliances. Our friends from Ufone will be in attendance and can share the SIP and hosting solutions they have available. We’ll wrap the event with a panel Q&A and plenty of time to network and look at the latest UC hardware which will be on display.

We know some partners will have attended the 3CX Advanced Technical Training the day before – this event is open to all Soft Solutions partners. We look forward to connecting with you in person.

The event is being held at the Rydges Hotel in Federal Street, Auckland CBD. Doors open 8.30am and we expect to be fully wrapped by 11.30am. You can reserve your spot here – places are limited so don’t delay. Any queries, reach out to our team on


VoIP to UC (Unified Communications)

You’ll notice that we’re changing our language from VoIP to UC to better encompass the wide range of solutions we have available in this space. Our e-mail addresses are updating but the old ones will be on auto-forward in the interim. It’s an exciting time to be working in the UC space as technologies evolve and converge – our team remains unchanged and are here to work with you. For any queries you can reach us on


Upcoming webinar: 3CX licensing – what’s recently changed?

There have been some recent changes around 3CX licensing, and we’ll be hosting a Webinar next Thursday 27th October 2022 at 11.30am to review this in more detail. You can register here now. Key things we’ll be covering during this webinar are:

  1. Trade-ins have ended – this was the process to move from the older Perpetual style license to the current Annual Subscription license model. So, what do you do now for any customers that are still on Perpetual? We’ll fill you in.
  2. POC (Proof of Concept) process – this has also changed, there is no longer a self-upgrade to POC option within the Partner Portal. We’ll walk you through the new steps you’ll need to follow.

If you know you cannot attend the webinar due to prior commitments, you should still register, and you’ll receive a copy of the recording 24 hours after the webinar. If you have any immediate queries on the above-mentioned changes, reach out to us on


3CX v16 EOL is looming

The official EOL date for 3CX v16 is getting ever closer. 3CX announced back in 2021 that the official end of life (EOL) date would be 30th November 2022 and we’re just over a month out from there. Already many features for v16 have been turned off due to changes with the way features need to work with v18 – these include but are not limited to:

  • Video Conferencing – 3CX Meeting is part of the license for current editions i.e. v18.
  • Mobile apps – iOS and Android.
  • Enhanced security.
  • All the new features that v18 has introduced!

If you still have customers running on v16, it’s important to have a plan to get them migrated up to v18. If you need help or advice reach out to our technical team on


Unboxing Grandstream’s WP825 ruggedised portable WiFi phone

In last month’s update we unveiled the new ruggedised portable WiFi phone from Grandstream. These are already proving popular, and stock is moving very quickly on this range. Anisha Mohammed our Technical Specialist has recorded an unboxing video so you can take a closer look. Watch the video here.


Soft Solutions UC resources on YouTube and our Blog

We’re working hard to add to our existing resources around UC. This includes recordings of our popular monthly bite-size webinars; unboxing videos; reviews of popular equipment as we put it through its paces and more. Our Blog has articles with key information. You can subscribe to the blog and be notified each time the Soft Solutions blog is updated – if it’s relevant to you then you’d visit the new information.

During September we held three webinars – if you missed them the overview of each event and links to the recording are below:

  • Webinar – Latest updates from 3CX in September – this webinar covered the changes that have recently been occurring around products within the range; pricing changes; updates 4 and 5 and the key changes they brought; along with what’s been deprecated or about to be and more. It’s well worth a quick watch to ensure you’re on top of these changes. The link to the recording is here.
  • Webinar – Portable phone technology – in this Webinar we look at the different types of technology available for portable phones. Does your customer need single-cell DECT, multi-cell DECT or portable WiFi? Maybe it’s a combination of both. Check out the video here to learn more and feel free to reach out to us on for a consultative conversation to assist you further.
  • Webinar: Call4Tell NX32 Lite Devices – we’ve recently signed a distribution agreement with Cal4Care to distribute their Call4Tell NX32 Lite devices. These can run 3CX on-prem or be run as a SBC unit. They come pre-loaded with 3CX and the SBC and have a simple user interface to switch between options. Catch the webinar at this link.

Did you miss any of Anisha our Technical Specialists overview videos around Yealink? Check out these most recent ones:

  • Yealink A20 MeetingBar – in this video Anisha unboxes the unit; shows you how to connect it in less than 5 minutes; and tests out a Microsoft Teams Room meeting. The A20 and A30 MeetingBars are extremely popular and you’ll see that the promotion has been extended until Christmas. Check out the video here and don’t hesitate to reach out to Anisha if you’d like further advice around the unit.
  • 3CX Meeting with the Yealink UVC40+BYOD MeetingBar – in this video Anisha looks at a common question from 3CX Partners around configuring a meeting space for clients who use the included 3CX Meeting video conferencing but also want to use in a huddle space. The UVC40+BYOD is the perfect tool for the job and in the video you’ll see why. You can view it here. You can reach out to Anisha for further questions.
Latest blogs from 3CX

3CX continue to add to their extensive blog posts. This past month has focused in on the new features released during update 4 and 5 and how to fully take advantage of the features. Check out these blogs now:

  • Why 3CX WhatsApp Business Integration is a No Brainer – this blog focuses on how the WhatsApp Business integration via the 3CX integration extends the solution beyond what WhatsApp had created. They even cover how you’d handle staff absences. Opening new ways that customers can connect with you in the 21st century is incredibly important – take a look here at why you should consider WhatsApp Business integration with 3CX.
  • 3CX Live Chat Brings Advanced Styling & Customization – Live Chat on websites continues to grow in popularity. 3CX enhanced their Chat through updates 4 and 5 and have introduced the ability to customise the look and feel. This blog looks at how you can personalise your Live Chat for yourselves and your customers – see the full article here.
  • WhatsApp Business vs 3CX WhatsApp API Integration – 3CX takes a deep dive on the advantages and additional functionality they add to WhatsApp Business. This step-by-step guide is good food for thought on whether you or your customers should add this integration. For full details visit this link.
  • Quick Response Templates Speed Up Agent Replies – adding smarts for your agents for Chat whether it be for LiveChat on your website; WhatsApp Business chat responses; or internal chat between colleagues makes senses. By adding quick response templates it will increase productivity for your team – check out how to configure and implement them here.


Yealink – what’s coming in 2023

Yealink are starting to unveil new technologies coming in 2023. It’s exciting to seem them further expanding their VC solutions. What we’ve seen coming so far:

  • They will release an A10 MeetingBar – a little sibling to the A20 and A30 MeetingBars which have seen huge popularity during 2022. Learn more here.
  • The SmartVision 60 is a centre-of-room, 360 panoramic degree camera designed for MS Teams Rooms. It looks pretty exciting in their intro video – more to come as we receive it.


Yealink - October 2022


Grandstream’s latest and upcoming GWN solutions

Grandstream recently held a webinar to review their recently released GWN solutions from Access Points to Routers. They also gave an insight into what is coming soon to their portfolio including Switches. All new products will be managed in the GWN.Cloud (some not immediately on release but in the next firmware update) and will come standard with a 3-year warranty. You can review their webinar here. If you’d like to be notified as we receive more information, don’t hesitate to reach us on


HALO IoT Smart Sensor 2C

There are products within our Soft Solutions portfolios that we think have some merit for our UC partners to consider. The Halo IoT Smart Sensor 2C from Avigilon is one of those products. Avigilon produce high-end security solutions which require special partnership to purchase – the Halo Smart Sensor is an exception to this.

This multi-sensor is capable of vape detection, smoke detection, THC detection, and sound abnormalities like gunshots and shouting in areas a camera cannot be placed. HALO provides a MJPEG or RTSP stream which can show the current status/readings of its sensors. The stream is provided via a standard HTTP/HTTPS request. It has its own cloud monitoring option or can integrate with existing monitoring systems.

Halo Smart Sensor - October 2022

If you’d like to know more – reach out to us on and we’ll provide more info.


Yealink promotions

Q4 is here – several of our popular promotions continue until just before our Christmas shutdown period. You can view the full flyer of promotions at this link and we highlight these in our Weekly Newsletter Promotions section each week. Key promotions during Q4 are:

  • MVC840 MS Teams Large Room Systems – special bundles offer a significant saving to customers – must order by 16th December 2022 to ensure delivery prior to Christmas:
    • Bundle 1 = 1 x UVC84 12X USB PTZ 4K Camera, 1 x MCore Mini-PC, 1 x MTouch II, 1 x VCM38 Ceiling Mic, 1 x MSPEAKER II Soundbar.
    • Bundle 2 = 1X UVC84 USB 4K CAMERA MCore Kit (Mcore mini-PC & Mtouch II) 1x WPP20 2x VCM34 Mic 1x Mspeaker II 1x POE Switch, 1x VCM38 and 1x RoomPanel RoomSensor.
  • Room Panel for Teams or Zoom – special pricing applies until 16th December on this fabulous panel to show if a room is available or not. Designed of course to integrate with your Microsoft Teams or Zoom Rooms system.
  • UH34 and UH36 USB Headset bundles – buy 5 and receive 6 – special bundle SKUs apply. Extended to 16th December 2022.
  • A30 and A20 MS Teams meeting bars with CTP18 touch panel – special pricing plus a free VCH51 sharing box – extended to 16th December 2022.
  • Deal registration of MTR opportunities – receive a $20 Uber Eats voucher for registering a deal and a further $30 Uber Eats voucher when you close the deal and order!
  • Yealink NFR programme – reach out to for options.
  • Yealink Academy – training for sales and technical team members. Complete a certification and share on LinkedIn, tag us in and we’ll arrange a spot prize! Get bragging rights to being one of the first in NZ to complete – will it be you?

Yealink promos October 2022Yealink promos - October 2022

Yealink promos - October 2022

For any questions, reach out to our team.


3CX partnership

If you’re not a 3CX partner, now is a great time to explore how effective the 3CX IP PBX unified communication platform is. We’re sure it will fit several of your clients’ requirements – with options for Cloud hosted / on-prem and Linux / Windows installations, it’s highly flexible. 3CX have recently updated their website but a great overview is straight on their landing page at To chat around becoming a partner and what 3CX’s expectations are, please reach out to our VoIP Brand Manager Megan Twentyman. Or if you’re ready to sign up – use this specific link. Soft Solutions will help speed up your application.


VoIP Hardware NFRs – Yealink or Grandstream

If you need to equip your team or office with hardware, reach out to Megan ( to find out what is available and the special pricing we can offer. Limits do apply and the NFRs must be for inhouse use and not on sold to customers.


Need demo equipment?

Just a reminder that we operate quite an extensive range of Grandstream and Yealink demo equipment. Borrow a device to put it through its paces, or for a client event to showcase. We also have access to EPOS-Sennheiser and Jabra headsets. If you have a requirement, please reach out to and she’ll be happy to assist.


Submit a great 3CX case study

Would you like a lunch shout on Soft Solutions? We want local NZ stories of 3CX in action. We’ll get a good story out, featuring your skilful team. You can also use it for your own marketing. No story is too big or small – it’s about your customer’s success and a unique angle on how 3CX has solved their challenges. We have a simple questionnaire you can work through with your customer. 3CX’s marketing team will also consider stories around larger deployments but we’ll work on localised NZ content. It’s a great reason to touch base with your customer and ensure their 3CX is working as it should be. You can also check if they need a larger license or extra hardware. Propose a case study for consideration and we’ll arrange a treat for your next team lunch. Reach out to our VoIP Brand Manager Megan Twentyman. We’ll make the process painless and treat your team!


Firmware for IP phones

Remember it is vital to keep checking for updated firmware, for your VoIP hardware. Grandstream and Yealink release new firmware as it is developed. The firmware is available free of charge from their respective websites. It does take some time for 3CX to verify new firmware so be sure to check the latest supported firmware that 3CX advises you to use. This is found on the 3CX website here. If you are ever trouble-shooting any issue with 3CX, the first thing they will check is whether your hardware has the supported firmware version. Now is a great time to ensure everything is up-to-date and working optimally.


Join our LinkedIn UC community

Our “Soft Solutions NZ UC Community” group has been created so our customers get all the latest news quickly. We post regularly and welcome new members to the group. Keep up to date with upcoming Soft Solutions events, UC related updates and any other general UC news. Join the LinkedIn group here.


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