In this update:
  • Soft Solutions UC team update
  • 3CX’s Security Breach recap + Update 7A Beta
  • 3CX releases new iOS App
  • 3CX Technical Certifications update
  • Unmanaged Switches added to the Grandstream GWN product range
  • Yealink promotions
  • 3CX partnership – not a partner yet? Come and join us!
  • Case studies – stories sell products!
  • Demo equipment
  • Join our LinkedIn UC community to see news first


Soft Solutions UC team update

During May we’ve welcomed Kiran Kumar to our team as the new UC Technical Specialist. Kiran is taking over the role that Anisha has held with us providing first level support, pre- and post-sales assistance and more. You’ll start to talk to Kiran if you call in, see her on webinars, and she’ll be our new 3CX Technical Trainer as we roll out the new certifications. Anisha leaves Soft Solutions on her next adventure at the end of this week, and we wish her all the best on her journey. Our team is now:

  • Megan Twentyman – BDM Unified Communications
  • Anoop Sornavally – Senior Engineer
  • Kiran Kumar – Technical Specialist

For support queries – please e-mail to log a ticket or call us on 0800 733 233. Kiran is still upskilling around 3CX but is learning a lot in a very short timeframe, if Kiran needs to escalate the ticket/query to Anoop she will. Be assured our commitment to providing free first level support to our partners remains unchanged.

If ever in doubt gets through to us and the appropriate person will come back to you.


3CX’s Security Breach recap + Update 7A Beta

Since the news of the attack on 3CX’s Desktop App first broke on 30th March, it has been an important topic to cover. In last month’s newsletter we covered in detail what happened and how 3CX addressed it. Included with this were links to the blogs that 3CX released, the Mandiant findings and more. If you didn’t read it previously and would like to review it you can see the newsletter on our blog at this link.

During May the focus has shifted from addressing and understanding the attack to forward planning and security strengthening. 3CX has always taken security very seriously and this will continue with their future developments. We have seen the release of update 7A to Beta which will remain at Beta and is an optional update. The release blog is found here and covers the key changes in this update. The changes from update 7A will be merged in to update 8 which is already being worked on. Key things addressed in this optional update are:

  • Implementation of password hashing.
  • Changes to the Welcome E-mail with the removal of the config file and the username and password.
  • The ability to restrict access to the WebClient Admin Panel by IP.
  • Addition of a BLF panel for the PWA (Progressive Web App).

As a 3CX partner, it’s now very important to consider password security for your clients as we move to the hashing of passwords, the last thing you want is your customers selecting insecure passwords. The next update will have further hashing of passwords deeper within the Admin settings so it will become even more important. If you need help with password management tools, Soft Solutions has options to assist and your Channel Account Manager can guide you, don’t hesitate to reach out.

There has also been updates to the Debian Linux packages – see the details at this blog which includes instructions on how to access these for existing installations. New installations since 9th May will have the updated ISO build.

3CX’s most recent blog focuses on a new forum created specifically for partners or end customers to report any unusual security alerts so that 3CX can respond faster in the future. See the full blog here and bookmark the link to the forum for future reference.


3CX releases new iOS App

The latest iOS App from 3CX is now live. It has a fresh new look but is still familiar for those of us that use it all the time. It’s also faster and has a range of new call handling features. Call management is easy and the new ability to easily manage multiple calls makes life easier. We’ve been testing it out via TestFlight and have found the new functionality really useful. Read the full blog here. Which has much more detail on the updates. The updated app is available in the App Store now.



3CX Technical Certifications update

As previously advised, 3CX are in the midst of updating their technical certifications. We’ll go from 3 levels of certification to just 2 and everyone will be required to re-certify. It is highly encouraged that all 3CX Partners have at least one staff member fully technical certified. 3CX has started to release updated training preparation pages on their website. You can access these at:

Currently the refreshed exams are not quite ready – we’re expecting updates to the 3CX portal for the new exams very soon. As the 3CX Distributor we’re also awaiting updated slide decks so that we can present the training to you our NZ partners. As soon as we have access to everything, we’ll be in a position to set training dates to help everyone get certified.

3CX has released some online trainings which will be run by Nicholas Paras, their global trainer, that suit the NZ time zone so you can jump on board with these. Each certification is split into 3 sessions over 3 consecutive afternoons and you can reserve your spot now.

Stay with us as we await the last few things so we can get the training rolling throughout NZ on a regular basis. We’ll run each level as a one-day course, and we’ll have options for in person or online.


Unmanaged Switches added to the Grandstream GWN product range


As Grandstream continues to expand its GWN networking solutions, they have announced the release of a new series of unmanaged network switches. The GWN7700 series provides a quick and cost-effective way to add high-speed Gigabit connectivity to home offices and small/medium businesses. They require no configuration or installation and offer a desktop and wall-mountable design. They also provide auto MDI/MDIX to eliminate the need for crossover cables. The PoE models provide ports with IEEE 802.3af/at compliant, smart dynamic PoE output to power IP phones, IP cameras, Wi-Fi access points and other PoE endpoints. SKUs are now active for pre-orders and stock is approximately 1 month from reaching NZ.

If you’d like to know more about any of the GWN range or test out already released units from our demo stock, contact us on


Yealink promotions

With only one month left in Q2, it’s a great chance to take advantage of the existing promotions. There is a quick rundown below, but for full details visit this link:


  • A30 or A20 MeetingBar + CTP18 + FREE VCH51 – these very popular MS Teams certified MeetingBars are back on a great price special until 30th June 2023 and you receive the VCH51 sharing box for FREE. These suit many organisations requirements and fly out the door – we have a demo unit of the A20+CTP18+VCH51 and a WPP30 wireless sharing dongle that you are welcome to take for a test drive! Reach out to us if you want to try it out.
  • The A10 Grand Prix – the simplest way to win a FREE Yealink A10 MeetingBar for ANZ partners. The A10 is the latest MeetingBar to join the Yealink family and this promotion is super simple – runs from now until 30th June 2023. Three simple steps to follow and terms and conditions apply:
    1. Capture a short video (under 5 mins) of a Yealink A10 package being unboxed and set up. Keep it simple!
    2. Share the video on LinkedIn using the hashtag #A10grandprix and tag @Yealink.
    3. Win! The top 10 number of likes will receive 1 FREE Yealink A10 MeetingBar.
  • MVC840 Microsoft Teams Room (MTR) system bundle specials. These bundles have been created especially in NZ with added features to a base system.
  • WH66 Dual DECT Wireless Headset Workstation with WHC60 wireless charger – almost half price while stocks last. This is a current model – and what Megan uses every day!
  • Deal registration promotions – contact for assistance with these:
    1. Headsets – deal register an opportunity for 50 wireless or 100 wired headsets and receive a $50 GiftPay voucher, close the deal by 30th June 2023 and receive a further $50 GiftPay voucher!
    2. MTR – deal register an opportunity receive a $20 Uber Eats Voucher, close the deal by 30th June 2023 and receive a further $30 Uber Eats Voucher.
  • NFR’s – contact Megan Twentyman if you’d like to equip yourselves with NFR’s of any Yealink gear so you can show it to customers. Special pricing will apply as will limits on units. The new A10 has hot NFR pricing!
  • Yealink Microsoft Certifications – complete any of these and tag Soft Solutions on LinkedIn to receive a spot prize!


3CX partnership – not a partner yet? Come and join us!

If you’re not a 3CX partner, now is a great time to explore how effective the 3CX IP PBX unified communication platform is. We’re sure it will fit several of your client’s requirements – with options for Cloud hosted / on-prem and Linux / Windows installations, it’s highly flexible. 3CX has recently updated its website, but a great overview is straight on their landing page at To chat about becoming a partner and what 3CX’s expectations are, please reach out to our UC BDM Megan Twentyman. Or, if you’re ready to sign up – use this specific link. Soft Solutions will help speed up your application.


Case studies – stories sell products!

We value the opportunity to work with you to produce case studies on success stories with our UC brands. If you have a good story to share, please reach out to us on and we can work with you. Case studies help sell the products to another customer. Grandstream have an incentive for GWN case studies but for case studies that we produce we’re happy to shout your team a pizza lunch. Get in touch so we can help you grow through sharing successes.


Demo equipment

Here at Soft Solutions, we hold a demo pool of Grandstream and Yealink products. This ranges from IP phones, DECT phones to headsets, WiFi Access Points and more. We loan these units out to you our valued partners. It’s a great way to be able to test out units and see if they meet the needs of your clients. A great way to evaluate new offerings ahead of purchase. If you’d like to borrow anything, please reach out to Megan Twentyman our BDM – UC in the first instance.


Join our LinkedIn UC community to see news first

Our “Soft Solutions NZ UC Community” group has been created so our customers quickly get all the latest news. We post regularly and welcome new members to the group. Keep up to date with upcoming Soft Solutions events, UC-related updates and any other general UC news. Join the LinkedIn group here.


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