In this update:

  • 2024 Kick Off – Bluechip updates and 3CX partner targets
  • Bluechip’s Monthly 3CX Webinar – Latest Updates
  • 3CX product updates – v20 is edging closer
  • 3CX auto updates for Linux instances
  • Lower South Island Roadshow February Events
  • 3CX Standard 4-SC FREE licenses
  • Grandstream’s management platforms have merged
  • Grandstream – a quick overview of their Switch portfolio
  • Yealink product feature and promotions
  • Jabra product range
  • 3CX Technical Certifications – exams available
  • 3CX partnership – not a partner yet? Come and join us!
  • Case studies – stories sell products!
  • Demo equipment
  • Join our LinkedIn UC community to see news first


2024 Kick Off – Bluechip updates and 3CX partner targets

2024 is well underway and we’re now nearing the end of Feb with just one month of the first quarter to go. For us at Bluechip Infotech NZ it’s been a very busy start with the relocation from our Newmarket premises to our new premises in Ellerslie earlier this month. We’re all settled in and I’m taking it as my goal to continue to fill our warehouse with great UC hardware products!

We’ve welcomed Asel Opata to our team as Sales Engineer for UC. Asel is new to the UC game but has a background in Mechanical Engineering along with SaaS solutions. He’s picking up the UC product set very quickly. His role is around pre, and post sales and he’ll look forward to connecting with you during 2024.

The new 3CX partner targets for 2024 were sent from 3CX to each partner but in case you missed it the new levels are as per below:


All partner levels are given in US retail – this is not the price you pay to us. NZ pricing is calculated as US retail divided by our monthly exchange rate (we review this monthly and hold it for an entire month for price certainty) to give us NZ exclusive of GST retail pricing. Partner discounts are then applied as per the 3CX partner program. Revenue is calculated from 1st January to 31st December each year.

You’ll note that the Silver partner target actually decreased for this year – partners that met the US$5,000.00 retail level in 2023 were promoted from Bronze to Silver as well. If you have questions on this, please reach out to Megan Twentyman.

We look forward to supporting you with your UC portfolio in 2024.


Bluechip’s Monthly 3CX Webinar – Latest Updates


Join Megan Twentyman, BDM Unified Communications, for the first monthly 3CX webinar of 2024. This is happening this week on Thursday 29th February at 1.30 pm. In this webinar, she’ll cover the latest information on version 20, what’s happening with the old Standard 4-SC FREE licenses; and then wrap up with a Q&A. You can register at this link.


3CX product updates – v20 is edging closer


Over the last few months, we’ve shared the v20 announcements as they occur. There have been more changes recently with v20 now being at Release Candidate 4 (NB. This is not yet ready for production systems). Below is a quick timeline of updates from our December newsletter onwards (previous October and November info can be accessed from our blog). All news is shared to our LinkedIn group as it occurs. Our Bluechip Infotech NZ blog has copies of previous UC updates and the 3CX blog is where 3CX post their news first! Take a special look at the V20 checklist and FAQ blog as well as the webinar recording – this is what you need to do before upgrading once v20 does go live.

      • Version 20 updates (includes update 9 for v18):
        • V20 version upgrades – what if something goes wrong when you upgrade your test system?
        • New v20 deployment wizards + Amazon Lightsail
        • Update 9 for v18 is now FINAL – this is a requirement to prepare for upgrading to v20 when it becomes a live version.
        • Beta 2 – new phone provisioning methods; update to the Google speech API; call processing scripts and more.
        • Beta 2 becomes Release Candidate – further improvements and ready for more testing.
        • Release Candidate 2 – updates and tweaks based on testing feedback. There is also insights into what won’t be available at launch and what to expect in updates 1 and 2 during early 2024.
        • Below is new since December:
        • IMPORTANTV20 checklist and FAQ – this was the basis of webinars during January to prepare for v20 and not get caught out. This is an essential read blog for all partners.
          • YouTube webinar recording of Nicholas Paras the 3CX Global Trainer walking through this blog information. It’s 50 minutes but if you missed out on a spot to the webinar it’s well worth watching.
        • Release Candidate 3 – adds features that were originally expected to miss the release such as hotdesking; FXS support, bridges; Teams support (NB: As per v18 config, re-work due later in v20) and more fixes.
        • Release Candidate 4 – fixes and tweaks for reported issues in RC3. They’re calling this the pit stop prior to release.
      • New Windows Softphone updates:
        • Beta 2 – new incoming call screen.
        • Beta 3 – BLF panel and desktop pop-ups.
        • Beta 4 – further BLF panel updates; voicemail transcriptions; call history; and more.
        • Below is new since December:
        • Beta 5 – search and call CRM contacts is added.
        • Beta 6 – Jabra headset support added.
        • Release Candidate 1
          – simplified provisioning; ringer device selection; additional options and more in this update.
        • Release Candidate 2 – launch calls in your CRM; more audio settings and tweaks.
      • Mobile apps updates:

The Release Candidate versions are not yet ready for production sites but perfect for testing on your NFR test systems. As more information is released, we’ll share this to you. If you have queries, reach out to us on


3CX auto updates for Linux instances


A timely reminder that Linux instances cannot differentiate between a minor update and a major release upgrade. If you have auto-updates turned on with the weekly or monthly options, it will install FINAL updates or versions in that timeframe. Once v20 goes to a live release (ie out of Release Candidate phase) it will schedule your update. If you want to pause the transition, you will need to disable auto-updates on each instance and then do as you’re ready.

Remember there is no roll back from v20 to v18 as you move from Debian 10, through Debian 11 and on to Debian 12.

The indication from 3CX has been a 4 to 6-month transition from v18 to v20 – smaller and simpler instances will move more quickly than more complex ones that need to wait for specific features.


Lower South Island Roadshow February Events


Earlier in the month, Megan hit the road visiting Invercargill, Dunedin and Queenstown for “Power Up Your Morning” breakfast events. Megan presented on our growing UC portfolio alongside Karl from Arcserve who focussed on the SaaS Backup solution. Even though we were travelling we took a display of hardware for partners to see. A huge thank you to all our partners for coming out to the events. Below is a snapshot of images from each location.



3CX Standard 4-SC FREE licenses


As 3CX has been indicating for quite some time now, the 3CX Standard 4-SC or original FREE licenses are in their end-of-life phase. The expiry was showing as 2nd March 2024, these have now been extended out to 2nd July 2024 if the license is registered correctly and on a current build that can connect to the Activation Server (version 18 update 8b or update 9). Once version 20 is launched, all of the EOL licenses will need to update to it and then 3CX will run one final extension to 31st December 2024. It’s important that you work with your customers this year to decide on a transition plan for them. There are two key options:

Staying with the dedicated license, you can upgrade to a paid Pro 4-SC license, and no re-configuration is required.
You can move your customers to the new per-user FREE license from 3CX. This requires a new deployment from scratch; you cannot convert from their current to this license. There are restrictions with the license of 1 SIP trunk and a maximum of 3 IP phones. You must also use a very specific SIP provider for this service. In NZ, UFONE can offer this option to you.

We are more than happy to discuss with you the options and offer guidance – reach out to us on if you need help.

Grandstream’s management platforms have merged


Grandstream has had multiple cloud management platforms for different types of devices which is due to the way each product set needs to be managed. However, these have recently been merged together with the only exception being GWN.Manager which is an on-prem option. You can easily move between managing your IP phones and your GWN networking solutions in the merged portal. A quick video on how to merge your logins together is available here and for a slightly more in-depth look visit this link.


Grandstream – a quick overview of their Switch portfolio


2023 saw the launch of Grandstream’s unmanaged, Layer 2+, Layer 3, and Layer 3 Aggregation switches – expect the portfolio to grow further in 2024. Grandstream has put together a short but comprehensive overview video on YouTube here. All GWN product range items come with a standard 3-year warranty. If you’d like to know, more contact us on



Yealink product feature and promotions


Have you explored the Yealink Bluetooth headset range? The range continues to evolve with a new BH70 just announced and more info to come. The BH76 PLUS model has just hit NZ shores with the cup style earpieces and highest level of noise cancellation. Below is a snapshot of the range and you can see a short video of the technology in use in the real world on YouTube here.



For full details of our Q1 promos visit this link. The key promotion is across the Android meeting room range:

  • A10, A20 and A30 MeetingBar bundles with the CTP18 and WPP30 have been priced to include the WPP30 for FREE. The 65″ all-in-one collaboration MeetingBoard’s also come with a FREE WPP30 wireless content sharing dongle! We have the A10 and A20 in our demo stock for you to take for a test drive or come and visit our new office in Ellerslie and check out the A20 or the 65″ MeetingBoard in action. We also have a MVC windows system you can check out as well! If you would like to know more reach out to us on
  • MTR Deal registration – contact for assistance with any MTR opportunity. Deal register an opportunity receive a $20 Uber Eats Voucher, close the deal by 31st March 2024 and receive a further $30 Uber Eats Voucher.
  • NFR’s – contact Megan Twentyman if you’d like to equip yourselves with NFR’s of any Yealink gear so you can show it to customers. Special pricing will apply as will limits on units.
    Yealink Microsoft Certifications – complete any of these and tag Soft Solutions on LinkedIn to receive a spot prize!


Jabra product range




There is a clear difference between a consumer headset and a business/office headset in terms of the features and functionality. When Covid visited our shores in 2020 there was a scramble to equip staff to be able to work from home, and due to a global shortage and the world shutting down, any headset was better than no headset! During 2023 and now into 2024, businesses are evaluating the most effective solution for their team members and equipping them with an appropriate device for their role – especially if they had a very basic headset to get by with. Headsets are a personal item in terms of comfort and usability and it’s important that some thought of what a staff member needs goes into the decision-making process. As an IT partner, you can qualify headset queries with a few simple questions such as:


  1. Where is the headset to be used?
    1. Is it for in office only, hybrid, call centre, receptionist.
  2. Mono or Stereo?
    1. Globally stereo is more popular but in certain roles like receptionists for example they need to be able to hear what is happening around them so Mono is their choice.
  3. Wired or wireless?
    1. Do they need Bluetooth or DECT – both can be portable.
    2. Do they need a USB-A or USB-C dongle for their device.
    3. You as the partner need to consider density – not too much Bluetooth in close proximity or you’ll encounter interference issues.
  4. What are they connecting to?
    1. 3CX, MS Teams, other platforms?
    2. Most ranges have a UC and Teams build so you need to choose appropriately – UC for 3CX deployments.
  5. Other considerations:
    1. Are they in a very noise environment?
    2. Do they travel a lot and move their headset around?
    3. Do they need a super light option?


Jabra have you covered for all requirements from wired; Bluetooth wireless; and DECT wireless options. We have the Evolve, Evolve2, Biz, Pro, and Engage headset ranges. Want to know more or have an opportunity we can help with? Reach out to us on

3CX Technical Certifications – exams available


The new Technical Certification exams for 3CX are now available. The Basic and Advanced exams are accessible from your Partner Portal and/or your own personal login to the portal. For those that already hold certifications, you will need to re-certify with the new exams – you may notice if you had Intermediate you now show as Basic Certified as they’ve dropped you back. It is highly encouraged that all 3CX Partners have at least one staff member fully technical certified. Free support access from 3CX will be based on the level of certifications held, while Bluechip Infotech NZ encourages the certifications we won’t withhold first level support to our 3CX partners. The 3CX training preparation pages on their website are updated and you can access these at:


We are planning training for 2024 and will advise dates of in person and online in the new year. If you don’t want to wait for our courses, you’re welcome to self-study and sit the exams. Be sure to send Megan a copy of your certificate and we’ll send you out a small gift.


3CX partnership – not a partner yet? Come and join us!


If you’re not a 3CX partner, now is a great time to explore how effective the 3CX IP PBX unified communication platform is. We’re sure it will fit several of your client’s requirements – with options for Cloud hosted / on-prem and Linux / Windows installations, it’s highly flexible. 3CX has recently updated its website, but a great overview is straight on their landing page at To chat about becoming a partner and what 3CX’s expectations are, please reach out to our UC BDM Megan Twentyman. Or, if you’re ready to sign up – use this specific link. Bluechip Infotech New Zealand will help speed up your application.


Case studies – stories sell products!


We value the opportunity to work with you to produce case studies on success stories with our UC brands. If you have a good story to share, please reach out to us on and we can work with you. Case studies help sell the products to another customer. Grandstream have an incentive for GWN case studies but for case studies that we produce we’re happy to shout your team a pizza lunch. Get in touch so we can help you grow through sharing successes.


Demo equipment


Here at Bluechip Infotech New Zealand, we hold a demo pool of Grandstream and Yealink products. This ranges from IP phones, DECT phones to headsets, WiFi Access Points, facility access and more. We loan these units out to you our valued partners. It’s a great way to be able to test out units and see if they meet the needs of your clients. A great way to evaluate new offerings ahead of purchase. If you’d like to borrow anything, please reach out to Megan Twentyman our BDM – UC in the first instance.


Join our LinkedIn UC community to see news first


Our “Bluechip UC Community” group has been created so our customers quickly get all the latest news. We post regularly and welcome new members to the group. Keep up to date with upcoming Bluechip Infotech New Zealand events, UC-related updates and any other general UC news. Join the LinkedIn group here.