Imagine a world where you can log into your apps, VPNs or workstations with just your face or fingerprint. No passwords. Although Windows Hello is already in place for workstations, is it possible to have a unified system that works across various cloud apps, legacy apps and VPNs?

Enter LastPass Authenticator.

Everyone knows LastPass for its easy-to-use password management application, but did you know they also have a MFA solution?

LastPass Authenticator allows you to use biometrics to authenticate push notifications, for both the password manager and SSO applications connected through LastPass. It also lets you access third party OTP tokens, making it a one-stop shop for your authentication needs.

A feature that was added last year, was the ability for users to log in and authenticate without passwords at all! All they need is to authenticate on their phone and they’re in. Passwordless!

Best of all, both LastPass and the MFA add-on are available through the MSP program. This allows you and your clients the flexibility of monthly consumption-based billing.


Ready to take the next step in authentication? Reach out to us to see how easy it is to add MFA as an extra layer of security. Go passwordless!