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  • Ho Ho Ho, Merry Promo’s
  • Introducing Sophos DNS Protection
  • Major changes for Sophos XDR
  • New Active Adversary Defense capabilities with Sophos Firewall, Sophos XDR, and Sophos NDR
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Ho Ho Ho, Merry Promo’s


As projects are being wrapped up in the lead up to the holiday you should definitely reach out to Bluechip IT NZ. There may be a Sophos promotion that could make yours, and your clients Christmas. If you have any cybersecurity opportunities reach out to the Sophos team at Bluechip IT NZ now.


Introducing Sophos DNS Protection



Sophos DNS Protection is a cloud-based service that provides an additional layer of security to networks by instantly blocking access to unsafe and unwanted domains across all ports, protocols, and applications. It is backed by SophosLabs’ real-time threat intelligence and allows customers to enact policy for domain categories or domain lists. It complements the protection provided by the other security features of Sophos Firewall and integrates with Sophos data lake for Sophos XDR and MDR threat-hunting analysts. The initial release is being added to the Xstream Protection bundle for existing Sophos Firewall customers. The Early Access Program is currently under way. You can find out more from the Sophos Partner Portal or contact Bluechip at to find out how to register.


Major changes for Sophos XDR


Sophos XDR is a powerful cybersecurity solution that provides organizations with the tools and threat intelligence they need to detect, investigate, and respond to suspicious activity before it can impact their systems. Sophos XDR is constantly being improved, and the latest release includes several significant enhancements that will benefit Sophos partners.

One of the most important new features is expanded third-party integrations. This means that Sophos XDR can now leverage telemetry from an even wider range of security tools, giving organizations a more complete view of their security posture. This can help to identify and remediate threats more quickly and effectively.

Another important new feature is Network Detection and Response (NDR). NDR continuously monitors network traffic to detect a wide range of security risks, including rogue devices, unprotected devices, insider threats, zero-day attacks, and threats involving IoT and OT devices. This can help to prevent these threats from gaining access to sensitive systems and data.

In addition to these new features, Sophos XDR also includes a number of other enhancements, such as improved case management capabilities, a new Detections user experience, and a new simplified (SQL-less) XDR search. These enhancements will make it easier for security analysts to use Sophos XDR to investigate and respond to threats.

Overall, the latest release of Sophos XDR is a significant improvement that will provide Sophos partners with the tools they need to help their customers defend themselves against active adversaries.

For more details contact, or read about the changes on the Sophos Partner Portal


New Active Adversary Defense capabilities with Sophos Firewall, Sophos XDR, and Sophos NDR


Sophos is introducing new capabilities to Sophos Firewall, Sophos XDR, and Sophos NDR to help organizations defend against active adversaries. These new capabilities include:



Active Threat Response: This feature allows Sophos XDR and MDR analysts to push threat intel to firewalls directly from Sophos Central, enabling the firewalls to coordinate defenses immediately without the need for manual intervention or new firewall rules.



Sophos NDR: Sophos Network Detection and Response (NDR) is now available as an add-on to Sophos XDR, for organizations who manage their own detection and response activities. NDR detects active adversaries moving across an organization’s network between devices.



team Expanded third-party compatibility and optimized UX: Sophos XDR now integrates with a wider range of third-party tools and products, and has an optimized user experience that reduces the workload of investigations.




These new capabilities will help organizations detect, investigate, and respond to active adversaries faster, across all key attack surfaces. You can find out more about these kinds of attacks from the Sophos Partner portal. Bluechip IT NZ is also here to provide guidance and advice. Reach out to us at



Contact the Bluechip Infotech Sophos team


Do you want pricing, or perhaps to better understand the benefits of MDR? The team at Bluechip Infotech New Zealand is ready to help. Reach out to us at for any and all information on Sophos.


Sophos New Zealand LinkedIn Group by Bluechip Infotech New Zealand


Would you like to keep up to date on Sophos news and have conversations with other Sophos partners in New Zealand? Join the Sophos New Zealand LinkedIn group, managed and moderated by Soft Solutions. The purpose of the group is to share, learn and have conversations while also getting up to date news from Soft Solutions as it is made available. If you want to be apart of the group, request to join today.