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  • Achieve Sophos MSP Flex Certification Quickly (and at no cost) with Bluechip Infotech New Zealand!
  • Introducing Sophos Managed Risk, Powered by Tenable
  • Sophos Firewall Once Again Recognised as the #1 Firewall Solution by G2 Users
  • Introducing Sophos Customer Success

Achieve Sophos MSP Flex Certification Quickly (and at no cost) with Bluechip Infotech New Zealand!


Struggling to find the time or resources to earn your Sophos MSP Flex certification? Bluechip Infotech NZ is here to help! Join us for our exclusive Fast Track sessions designed to expedite your journey to becoming a certified Sophos MSP.


Led by the Sophos MSP team, these interactive workshops will equip you with the knowledge and practical skills needed to confidently manage and deliver Sophos solutions. Get hands-on experience, ask your burning questions directly to our specialists, and walk away ready to take your expertise to the next level. Don’t wait! Seats are limited for these intensive sessions. Secure your spot and gain the competitive edge with Sophos MSP Flex certification. Contact Bluechip Infotech NZ today!


  • Fast track to certification: Earn your Sophos MSP Flex credentials in a focused, efficient format.
  • Expert-led training: Get personalised guidance and insights from our experienced Sophos MSP team.
  • Interactive sessions: Ask questions, share experiences, and gain valuable peer-to-peer learning.
  • Boost your business: Attract new clients and expand your service offerings with Sophos solutions.

Our first session is on the 16th of April at 11am, with more to follow!

Contact today to register for our free Sophos MSP certification fast track session!


Introducing Sophos Managed Risk, Powered by Tenable


Sophos and Tenable have partnered to launch Sophos Managed Risk, a new service aimed at bolstering organisations’ defenses against cyberattacks by identifying and eliminating vulnerabilities in their external attack surface. This external attack surface encompasses internet-facing assets, misconfigurations, and other security weaknesses that could be exploited by malicious actors.


Traditionally, IT security has focused on protecting on-premises IT infrastructure. However, the modern attack surface extends far beyond these boundaries, with many organisations unknowingly possessing a vast number of unpatched or inadequately secured external assets. Sophos Managed Risk addresses this challenge by providing several key features:


  • Attack Surface Visibility: Discovers and analyses an organisation’s internet-facing assets, providing a clear picture of their external attack surface.
  • Continuous Monitoring: Offers ongoing monitoring to identify and address potential security risks, augmenting the expertise of internal IT and security teams.
  • Risk-Based Vulnerability Prioritisation: Helps organisations prioritise vulnerabilities based on severity and exploit likelihood, enabling them to focus their resources on the most critical issues.
  • Proactive Notification of High-Risk Exposures: Expedites the identification and remediation of high-risk vulnerabilities by delivering prompt notifications upon discovery.


Sophos Managed Risk integrates with Sophos MDR, a leading Managed Detection and Response service protecting over 21,000 organisations worldwide. This combined solution offers a comprehensive approach to security, with Sophos Managed Risk proactively identifying and prioritising vulnerabilities, and Sophos MDR providing continuous threat monitoring, detection, investigation, and response.


The Sophos-Tenable partnership brings together two cybersecurity leaders, offering a compelling value proposition for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and their clients:


  • Win New Business: Enables MSPs to address the growing challenge of managing external attack surfaces for organisations of all sizes and industries.
  • Expand Existing Client Relationships: Provides an opportunity for MSPs to upsell Sophos Managed Risk as an add-on service to existing Sophos MDR customers.
  • Improved Efficiency for MSPs: Risk-based prioritisation empowers MSPs to optimise their time and resources by focusing on the most critical vulnerabilities.
  • Enhanced Credibility: Equips MSPs with a powerful solution to confidently position themselves as industry leaders in cybersecurity.


Sophos Managed Risk is expected to be available by the end of April 2024, offered as an add-on service to Sophos MDR.

Sophos Firewall Once Again Recognised as the #1 Firewall Solution by G2 Users


Sophos Firewall has maintained its top spot as the #1 firewall solution according to G2 user reviews for an impressive five seasons in a row., a leading platform for business software reviews, collects verified user feedback to determine these rankings. Sophos Firewall was particularly commended for its ability to seamlessly blend robust security with exceptional performance. Additionally, users appreciated the tight integration between Sophos Firewall and other Sophos security products. Committed to ongoing improvement, Sophos consistently adds new features and integrations to their firewall, solidifying its position as a preferred solution for businesses seeking to consolidate their cybersecurity infrastructure. This focus on consolidation resonates with customers, as evidenced by their praise for Sophos’ ability to reduce complexity through fewer vendors, products, and management consoles. By offering a unified security platform, Sophos empowers security teams with a comprehensive and powerful suite of tools.

For instance, their recently launched Active Threat Response leverages seamless collaboration between Sophos Firewall and other Sophos products to automatically isolate threats and prevent lateral movement within the network. Sophos has also integrated zero-trust network access into their firewall, simplifying the transition for remote workers and ensuring they benefit from the enhanced security and manageability of ZTNA.

Introducing Sophos Customer Success

Sophos is launching a Customer Success team to directly support customers and boost partner profitability. The team will ensure customers get the most out of Sophos solutions, leading to higher satisfaction and retention. Partners can expect increased upsell/cross-sell opportunities.

The team will tailor their approach based on customer needs, offering high-touch personalised support for complex accounts and tech-touch automation for larger volumes. Customer Success Managers will proactively address concerns, conduct reviews, and identify expansion opportunities. MSP customers are not currently supported. For inquiries, partners can contact the Customer Success team directly at