As our reliance on technology increases, so does the complexity of our networks. From desktop computers to mobile devices, we expect to be connected to a reliable network wherever we go, which can strain businesses and organisations trying to keep up. In addition, the cost of maintaining and upgrading networks can be staggering, and it can be challenging for network admins to manage everything effectively. That’s where Allied Telesis comes in with its innovative Autonomous Management Framework (AMF).


AMF is a solution to simplify network management by treating the entire network as a single virtual device. This means administrators can manage multiple switches and devices, reducing the time and expertise required to manage a more complicated environment. In addition, with AMF, businesses and organisations can reduce equipment costs and automate tasks, reducing maintenance and support costs.


One of the critical features of AMF is its centralised management. The solution automatically backs up the configuration firmware of all switches and allows commands to be run on multiple units at once, making updating the network simple and efficient. For example, imagine network administrators being able to change the network access security parameters of 20 edge switches with just one command. This feature is particularly useful for school, campus, healthcare, and business networks, where there may be many devices to manage.


Another key feature of AMF is auto-upgrade, which allows firmware updates to be rolled out to the entire network very simply. A single command will update units one by one to maximise network uptime, and the process can even be scheduled overnight for minimal disruption. This feature is especially useful for businesses and organisations that need to keep their networks up and running 24/7.


AMF also includes auto-provisioning, which provides the plug-and-play addition of new switches to the network. The new unit has a designation, firmware, and similar configuration, all provided by the network. This feature saves administrators time and effort, as they no longer have to manually configure new devices as they are added to the network.


Finally, AMF includes auto-recovery, which provides an effective solution to network unit failure that requires zero-touch management and can be completed by non-skilled staff. When a replacement device is added to the network, it automatically receives the correct firmware and configuration for a seamless transition, minimising downtime.


In conclusion, Allied Telesis’ Autonomous Management Framework is a powerful solution that automates everyday network management tasks, simplifying complex networks and reducing costs. Businesses and organisations can reduce equipment costs, automate tasks, and free up valuable time for their network administrators by treating the entire network as a single virtual device. If you’re looking for a next-generation technology that can help simplify your network management, AMF is definitely worth considering.


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