No breaches. No ransoms. No worries.

Eliminate all evasive web and email threats.

Existing solutions are failing to protect you from Highly Evasive Adaptive Threats (HEAT) that lead to ransomware. Menlo Security takes a preventative approach that eliminates them. Because the best way to avoid a costly and embarrassing breach is to make it never happen in the first place.



With a Zero Trust isolation technology layer that shields workers from HEAT attacks, your entire workforce is protected from everything that’s coming at them online.

Why isolation technology is the difference


Our technology results in zero limitations and interruptions for your workforce. Browsing the web, using email, sharing files, and using private applications. They can do it all without limits, while you work without worry.

Learn how our technology prevents HEAT attacks
Menlo Security
Menlo Security


The burnout associated with managing a multitude of endpoints, zero-day patches, and alert storms is gone. We hide complexity and optimise costs, allowing you to focus and help accelerate the business.

Learn why security is evolving into a business enabler


of attack vectors avoided


reduction in SecOps alerts


breaches from email and web


protection against browser patching delays
Menlo Security

Comprehensive security, powered by isolation technology

Built on a foundation of isolation that separates malicious content from users entirely, our security products become unstoppably powerful.

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