Cloud Security Summit Auckland 2024

Paul Leslie (ManageEngine Business Manager) and Lukin Ackroyd (Business Development Manager) from our ManageEngine New Zealand team attended the event. Armed with ManageEngine goodies, chocolates, and their witty charm, they connected with CISOs, cloud security specialists, and infrastructure leaders in Auckland.

Shield 2024: An IAM and Cybersecurity Seminar New Zealand

Join us for Shield 2024: An IAM and Cybersecurity seminar in Auckland on June 11, Wellington on June 12 and Christchurch on June 13. Our senior technology evangelists will discuss strategies for managing, monitoring, and auditing your hybrid IT infrastructure. Take advantage of this exclusive opportunity to enhance your cybersecurity knowledge.

How to calculate work hours lost from inefficient service desk practices

Amidst today’s volatile economic landscape, uncovering service desk inefficiencies is crucial for organisations seeking streamlined IT operations. Quantifying the lost work hours offers invaluable insights into how these inefficiencies hinder productivity. ManageEngine’s e-book delves into common time-consuming inefficiencies and provides strategies to mitigate them, enhancing service desk productivity.

An MSSP’s cloud-SIEM business guide

Learn why your MSSP needs a cloud-SIEM solution and how it can boost profit margins while meeting its needs. Being an MSSP entails managing evolving operational, technical, and commercial demands and centrally maintaining clients, making a cloud based SIEM solution a crucial asset for efficient threat detection and response.

How IT leaders can drive more with less

Focus on improving IT efficiency through strategic optimisation to meet targets amidst budget constraints and revenue expectations. Our latest white paper, provides actionable strategies and accurate stories to help navigate challenges in cost optimisation, revenue generation, cloud utilisation, and managing in-house hardware versus cloud solutions in a dynamic economy. May 2024

Don’t ignore monitoring your storage devices!

Ensure you monitor your storage devices to allocate resources efficiently and enhance operational efficiency. RMM Central offers an integrated storage monitoring solution, allowing centralized management of all network storage devices from a single pane. May 2024

Monitor your Exchange environment effortlessly

Monitor your Microsoft Exchange Servers, database availability groups (DAGs), databases, storage, and emails daily using Exchange Reporter Plus. This solution enables you to efficiently track the health and performance of your Exchange environment, mitigating unforeseen technical glitches.

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