Analytics Plus

Analytics Plus

Ready for more advanced analytics, to get a holistic view of your IT operations? ManageEngine’s Analytics Plus connects to IT apps, imports data from databases, and gives insights into all facets of your IT. Save time by finding the right insights needed. Join Andre C (New Zealand Enterprise Sales Support) in an interactive 30 min webinar on Tuesday 29th June at 3:00pm. The session covers Analytics Plus, integration, unified / intuitive dashboards, power visualisations and more. Learn how to slice and dice your data, drill down to view details, and customise reports to create your own KPIs.


Introducing visual change workflow builder

Analytics Plus

ManageEngine’s latest version of ServiceDesk Plus includes a new visual change workflow builder. It allows IT teams to build complex change workflows easily. It includes all necessary customisations and automations, to remove process gaps within your organisation’s change enablement processes.

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Gartner recognises Application Performance Monitoring tools

Analytics Plus

ManageEngine has been named in 2021’s Gartner Magic Quadrant for Application Performance Monitoring (APM), for the ninth time. The application performance monitoring market is always changing. ManageEngine constantly evolves to meet this dynamic market’s needs. Usually, 15 application monitoring vendors are assessed based on strict inclusion criteria. This includes front end monitoring, app discovery, tracing, diagnostics (ADTD) and domain-centric AI or ML. Find out more about this report below.

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Why should SMBs prioritise password management?

Analytics Plus

SMBs can reduce their attack surface drastically, just by getting password management right. To help, ManageEngine has created a free guide that looks at four unique password management hurdles SMBs face. Learn how to overcome them by downloading the guide.

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Introducing Azure Active Directory backup and restoration

Usually, Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AD) does not provide a robust backup and recovery solution. It only provides a recycle bin to recover deleted objects. These are only held for 30 days and cannot be restored after being deleted.

Now you can back up all major Microsoft ecosystems including Active Directory, Microsoft 365 and on-premises Exchange – with RecoveryManager Plus. This makes it a one stop solution for all your backup needs. You can back up and restore them to any previous state instantly.

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Defend against DDoS, ransomware and crypto jacking

Ransomware attacks, distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) and crypto jacking are now powerful enough to disrupt any business. You need an effective security strategy in place, to understand what your organisation is up against and to build up defences. Learn how to defend against these attacks with some concrete steps, with this e-book.

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Analytics Plus