IT admins play a vital role when it comes to managing an organisation’s infrastructure. Their day-to-day tasks involve the configuration and maintenance of servers and devices, and ensuring their organisation’s IT infrastructure is up to date and secure.

IT admins are also involved in some repetitive and time-consuming tasks, that can take a large amount of time out of their working day.

Some of these tasks include:

  • Password resets – AD users forget their credentials and require the assistance of an IT admin to perform a password reset.
  • Unlocking user accounts – AD users require IT admins to unlock their accounts to have access to their organization.
  • Updating AD users – AD users make changes to their account details, requiring the assistance of an IT admin.

All of these tasks not only increase the workload of IT admins, but can also reduce productivity.

So how can you reduce their workload and increase productivity?

With ManageEngine’s ADSelfService Plus, IT admins no longer have to use their valuable time to perform such tasks. It helps them focus and accomplish other important tasks. ADSelfService Plus is an integrated, self-service password management solution. AD users make changes to their user accounts themselves.

With ADSelfService Plus, AD users achieve the following benefits:

  • Perform their own password resets for Active Directory and Cloud accounts, that need access in their organisation.
  • Update their personal details in their AD user account.
  • Configure self-service account unlocks for their AD user profiles.
  • Change their existing passwords.

If you would like to save valuable time and resources, reach out. See how ADSelfService Plus can simplify IT admins tasks by emailing the ManageEngine NZ team –