Grandstream’s GWN line sports excellent networking solutions and the line includes Wi-Fi access points for both indoor and outdoor deployment, routers and the recently released network switches. Networking is complex but the management and monitoring of the networking environment doesn’t need to be. Thanks to Grandstream’s GWN.Cloud and GWN Manager you no longer need to stress because the GWN devices can be easily managed with Grandstream’s GWN management platform.

Grandstream’s GWN management platform includes the GWN.Cloud and GWN Manager.  GWN.Cloud is a cloud-based management platform hosted by AWS and the GWN Manager is Linux based which is for on premise use suitable for customers with private network deployments. Both platforms support access via the web browser or the android and iOS mobile application known as the “GWN App”.


The benefits of the GWN management platform

Real time monitoring capabilities: View real time, detailed reports of the devices and the clients for each network such as how many clients are on the network at different times, the bandwidth usage, and the channel distribution. Set up alerts and if any issues arise you have in the moment data to help identify the potential cause with the added benefit of being able to maintain 30 days of historical data.




Easy accessibility and user friendly: At any point, wherever you are you have the means to access the platform via either the web browser on a PC, tablet, phone, or the mobile app. If a client runs into an issue and you are away from your desk but have your mobile, then you can just hop on to the mobile app.




Robust: Ability to handle enterprise level networks across multiple sites and there are scalability opportunities therefore a great choice for SMBs. Note: the GWN Cloud has no limits on devices, but the GWN Manager can have up to 3000.

No cost: Both platforms are free.

Captive portal: Customise a splash page with your choice of the available authentication options such as social login due to integration with Facebook, Twitter and WeChat, RADIUS server or just a password. Great for being in control of access into the Wi-Fi network and ensuring the Wi-Fi is used within the right means.


With the many benefits that the GWN management platform provides for the management of your GWN devices it allows you to do your business more effectively and in turn provide the best hassle-free experience for your clients networking infrastructure. So, let the GWN cloud management make your life easier; business more productive; deployment simple; and management a piece of cake.

To get an account for the GWN.Cloud visit GWN.Cloud or if you would like to use the GWN Manager for on-premise deployments visit GWN_Manager_QIG.pdf (


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