Allied Telesis has been a global provider of networking solutions for over 36 years in the market. Their technology is designed to provide high performance and reliability while being scalable and energy efficient. One of the biggest challenges we have come across is that new Wi-Fi networks need to have enough access points (AP) to ensure adequate wireless signal strength across the premises. But, more times or not, it just doesn’t happen. Why? Because in real-world environments, an AP radio signal pattern is hard to predict polygon influenced by reflections, materials of building walls, the furniture and many other factors. Moreover, the radio signal pattern changes with changes in the environment and as people open and close doors to move between rooms, making roaming a problem.


How do we fix it? Introducing Allied Telesis Channel blanket technology.


Most traditional Wi-Fi networks today use a multi-channel approach, where APs operate on a range of fixed channels, with manual channel planning to avoid co-channel and adjacent channel interference between APs whose radio signals overlap. Allied Telesis has developed Channel Blanket technology to solve both multi-channel wireless architectures’ channel interference and roaming limitations while reducing implementation cost and complexity. Channel Blanket is a single-channel wireless architecture enabled by Autonomous Wave Control (AWC) Wi-Fi controller.


3 reasons why Channel blanket technology should be implemented for your business


1.) Increased Bandwidth: Channel blanket technology from Allied Telesis increases your network’s available bandwidth by aggregating multiple channels into a single high-speed connection. It means you can transfer large amounts of data quickly and efficiently, making your network more productive and efficient.


2.) Improved Network Resilience: Channel blanket technology provides automatic failover protection, ensuring that if one channel fails, the others will continue functioning, ensuring your network remains available during an outage. It means that you can maintain business continuity, even in the face of network disruptions.


3.) Simplified Network Management: With channel blanket technology from Allied Telesis, managing your network becomes much more straightforward. All channels are managed as a single entity, so there is no need to manage each channel individually, saving you time and reducing the complexity of your network.


In conclusion, implementing channel blanket technology from Allied Telesis is wise for businesses looking to improve their network’s performance and efficiency. With increased bandwidth, improved network resilience, simplified network management, and a cost-effective solution, channel blanket technology is ideal for any business looking to enhance its network infrastructure.


Channel Blanket