If you are unsure if Trend Micro MSP is for you, this is a great case study for you to look at. I recently got in contact with one of our loyal customers, Manage IT Digital Ltd, and spoke to the Managing Director, Tony Condon. A New Zealand run and owned digital company based out of Christchurch that has consistently assisted and provided a wide range of IT solutions to the business sector of New Zealand. They are certified partners with Microsoft, Spark, StorageCraft and many more, but most importantly for our conversation: Trend Micro MSP.

Manage IT Digital Ltd has been a customer of ours since they first started back in 2004 and one of the original products they purchased being Trend Micro is still something they purchase to this day! Even after so many years, it is still the only security solution they have ever sold, Tony even told me that they tried out other brands but none have ever reached their shelves. So why is that? Well, Trend Micro has long been known as the industry leader when it comes to security solutions and Manage IT Digital Ltd knows that with Tony saying “Trend Micro is well respected in the market and we believe in their solution”.

Soft Solutions has always worked closely with Trend Micro to ensure that our team is always up to date with the software, so we can support our customers with technical support when needed, Tony noticed this and appreciated it by saying “We like the product knowledge & support Soft Solutions offers and also their understanding of how it all fits in a business environment”.

I asked Tony a few different questions but one of the questions where I got some good feedback was “What made you happiest working with Soft Solutions?” and he answered, “The frequency of actual visits where we are updated on the solutions being provided is great”. So, after getting that response it is good to know that those visits to cities that aren’t Auckland are appreciated by our customers and are definitely worthwhile!

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