Bluebeam is now 6 months into the sales cycle with the more modern Annual Subscription license model. All new customers start immediately on Annual Subscription licenses with three editions available to choose from. Clients can have a mix of license editions and have them all end on the same expiry date.


A key benefit of the Annual Subscription license model is that licenses are able to be pro-rated to a common expiry date. This makes the renewal process a much simpler process for everyone involved in the transaction. Soft Solutions has tried and tested processes in place to send you automatically generated reminder quotes 35 days prior to the expiry of your customers license. This allows you time to work with your client to ensure the licenses are renewed ahead of the expiry date.


If your client is wanting to add additional licenses, please contact our team who will happily provide a pro-rated quotation for you.


For clients who have been a Bluebeam customer for longer, reach out to our team to explore if they have transition options from their existing Perpetual licenses to the new Annual Subscription license model.


If you have clients in the Architecture, Engineering or Construction industries Bluebeam is the PDF tool they should consider. You can view some brief overview information on our website here including a comparison between the editions which shows how rich the feature set of Revu is. Originally built by those in the industry for the industry.


You can reach our team at for more information.


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