Bluebeam Level Up Promotion – 25th April 2023 to 28th June 2023


As a Bluebeam Indirect Reseller, we know you’ll be glad to hear there is now an option for your existing Bluebeam Perpetual customers to move their licenses to the new Annual Subscription offering. For your customers that have Perpetual licenses of Revu Standard, CAD or eXtreme with no current maintenance, from now until 28th June 2023 they can purchase new Annual Subscriptions at 50% off.

Bluebeam’s Annual Subscriptions were launched in September 2022 and move licensing from a per workstation licensing model to a per user licensing model. This allows users to login on different devices (via their BBID) to use the leading PDF solution for the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industries. Bluebeam’s Annual Subscriptions are the latest Revu 21 for desktop and cloud services version.

You can review the new Annual Subscription products of Basics, Core and Complete at our website here and a comparison between the editions here. For existing customers with Standard or CAD the closest equivalent is the Core Subscription and for customers with eXtreme it would be the Complete Subscription. We would recommend that your clients review the comparison chart carefully to ensure they select the correct subscription product. The Basics is designed for those that need oversight but don’t do a lot of the marking up or editing.

Revu 2019 and below go end of life on 28th June 2023 and Revu 20 will not receive any further major updates.

Promotion details:

  • Promo period = 25th April 2023 until 28th June 2023.
    • There are no extensions or late orders and Soft Solutions will only accept orders until close of business Friday 23rd June 2023.
  • Eligible customers are those with Perpetual licenses and no current maintenance.
  • Each perpetual seat not on active Maintenance is eligible for one subscription user discount at 50% off retail.
  • When ordering you must provide details of the customers’ existing licenses – i.e. Revu Standard 2018 serial number XXXXX.
  • Renewals in the following year will be at full price as per the Bluebeam pricelist at that time.
  • Promo SKU’s are:
    • 401347 Bluebeam Basics LEVELUP Promo Subscription 1yr (per user) *
    • 401348 Bluebeam Core LEVELUP Promo Subscription 1yr (per user) *
    • 401349 Bluebeam Complete LEVELUP Promo Subscription 1yr (per user) *

Please note that Bluebeam will actively be contacting all of their end customers that are eligible for this promotion. This is a great time to make contact with all of your Bluebeam customers and make them aware that you can assist with this promotion. Our team can issue quotes for you.

If you have clients that have perpetual licenses and current maintenance, our team will provide a transition quote nearer to the renewal. If you want to know more now contact and they can provide further guidance.

All the best with this excellent sales opportunity from Bluebeam. If you need assistance we’re here to help. Contact us for more information.