We are writing to inform you about some important changes regarding Arcserve’s Cloud Services and OneXafe Solo products. Please take note of the following key details:

End-of-Life (EOL) Announcement: Arcserve Cloud Services and OneXafe Solo products entered the EOL phase starting February 8, 2024, with termination set for July 31, 2024. After this date, these products will no longer be available, and all associated services and support will cease.

Arcserve has announced there will be a price adjustment effective March 8, 2024. This change applies to all service tiers and add-on options for Arcserve Cloud Services

End-of-Sale Dates:

    • February 12, 2024: Last day for purchases via Arcserve’s Webstore.
    • March 8, 2024: Last day for purchases through Distribution.

Please note that this announcement, including the price adjustment, does not affect Arcserve ShadowXafe and ShadowProtect SPX products.

We will reach out to you soon with instructions on contingency plans. In the interim, we wanted to make sure you are well-informed.


We know the news from Arcserve will have come as a shock to many of you, as it did to us and our team. Karl Thomson, the APAC Pre-Sales Director, has compiled a list of the most asked questions since the news to help partners navigate a number of key points.


What will stop being offered when Cloud Services reaches EOL on July 31, 2024?

The following capabilities will become unavailable: replication to Cloud Services, seed drive services, BMR services, file and folder restores from cloud, virtualization in the cloud, Cloud Services Management Portal, Support for Cloud Services.

How much higher are the new Cloud Services prices?

Please contact us at arcserve@bluechipit.co.nz to understand the new costs for the services. On average, the new list prices represent a 100% increase, effective Mar 8, 2024.

Can I continue to use ShadowProtect/SPX without Cloud Services?

Yes, you can continue to use ShadowProtect/SPX/ImageManager to backup machines and replicate to any other currently supported destinations on- and off-prem. Replication to Cloud Services is the only ShadowProtect/SPX capability going away.

I have special pricing for Cloud Services, am I affected?

Yes, beginning Mar 8, 2024, the new pricing supersedes all previous price points, amendments, and discounts for Cloud Services.

I get billed monthly on usage; when will I first see the price increase?

The invoice sent at the start of April will apply the new pricing to all machines still in Cloud Services.

If I do not download historical data from Cloud Services by 31st July, will it be completely inaccessible after that date?

Yes. After the 31st of July, Arcserve will start the process of decommissioning all the GCP resources associated with that data.

How do I get my historical data from Cloud Services?

Partners can use any of the current restore options to recover files, folders, or images from Cloud Services. Arcserve recommends the over-the-wire method (BMR Download) for the best results.

I get billed monthly on usage; when will I first see the price increase?

The invoice sent at the start of April will apply the new pricing to all machines still in Cloud Services.

If I remove a machine from Cloud Services before the end of March, will the new prices affect me?

No, as per our standard billing practice, you’ll receive invoicing only for machines that are present at the end of the month, in this case, the end of March.

Do I need to return the Solo appliances?

No, and you can repurpose an appliance in any way you wish. The minimum one-year term is waived

What is the best way to decommission a OneXafe Solo appliance?

You may apply the following steps: a) Delete machines from Cloud Services, b) Delete Site from OneSystem, c) Send cancellation to Distributor and to returns@arcserve.com.

What can we expect to happen to ShadowProtect and ShadowProtect SPX in the future?

ShadowProtect/SPX is a strong offering in the portfolio. Arcserve plans to continue supporting it for the foreseeable future.

You can view the official FAQ on the changes to Arcserve Cloud Services here.

How do I cancel OneXafe Solo or OneXafe?

If a partner goes through the cancellation process for OneXafe Solo before the end of March, at the start of April, Arcserve will not bill for March’s usage.

OneXafe Solo cancellation process (Minimum 12 Month Term no longer applies)

  1. Delete Machines from Cloud Services partners.storagecraft.com/
  2. Delete the Site from OneSystem onesystem.storagecraft.com/
  3. Partner to send cancellation to Distributor + returns@arcserve.com
  4. Partners can repurpose the appliance in any way they wish.

If the OneXafe or OneXafe Solo service is not cancelled before the 31st of March, starting from April, the cost for the service will increase.

Therefore, if a partner does not accept the new pricing, they will need to follow the proper OneXafe Solo cancellation process by the end of March.


Talk to your Account Manager or the team at Arcserve

Please contact our Arcserve team, at arcserve@bluechipit.co.nz for a discussion on what or how this may impact you and your customers, including taking you through all alternative and suitable solutions within Arcserve.

If you need to discuss your situation with Arcserve directly, we encourage you to reach out to either Karl Thomson; karl.thomson@arcserve.com (Pre-Sales Director, APAC) or josh.richards@arcserve.com (NZ Channel Manager)

Thank you for your understanding and continued partnership. We remain committed to providing innovative solutions to meet your needs.


Phone: 09 306 0450, Freephone: 0800 733 233, Email: arcserve@bluechipit.co.nz