Threats today are constantly evolving. This lets them slip past signature-based AV solutions more easily, to impact targeted businesses via ransomware attacks. Luckily you can now fight back. Powered by SentinelOne, N-able Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) uses advanced AI engines to detect these threats quickly and remediate effectively.

Here are 4 reasons why you should use N-able EDR, in conjunction with N-able RMM.

1. Integration and ease of deployment

N-able EDR is seamlessly integrated into the RMM platform. From within one dashboard, techs can perform RMM tasks such as system checks and patch management; then easily switch to advanced threat analytics and forensics provided by the EDR engine. Security policies can be created and agents quickly deployed. This is all from the same dashboard, giving you even greater insights and control of your networks.


2. Analyse all threats

Threats are continually evolving, with file-less attacks and malicious scripts now commonplace. N-able EDR uses advanced AI and machine-learning engines to identify these threats that commonly slip through signature-based AV solutions. Free your team’s time with 24/7, hands-off monitoring. It gives you ‘SOC-lite’ capabilities and advanced visualisation tools to analyse attacks and show your customers how you’re protecting them from evolving threats.


3. Automate your defences

Automation is a centrepiece for N-able RMM. This expands out to the EDR integration as well. You can automate your response for quicker containment (such as network disconnect), to instantly stop threats. Alternatively, automate a remediation task such as device rollback, and analyse the forensics once the dust has settled.

4. If in doubt, roll back!

No matter how advanced your security approach, the users themselves are always the biggest threat. You could educate them many times on the dangers of clicking on suspicious links, but sooner or later, someone is going to let ransomware through the door.

No need to panic though, simply roll back infected Windows devices to their pre-infected state -typically in minutes. Help your clients avoid costly outages, data loss, and ransoms; all with low system overheads!

If N-able EDR seems like the solution for you, why not give it a try today? Whether you are an existing N-able RMM user or completely new to the N-able family, we’ve got exclusive deals to help you start securing your customers better.

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