Scalable, secure IT management solutions

For managed service providers (MSPs)

ManageEngine can help MSPs meet their clients’ requirements effortlessly

Organisations are looking for an MSP that can help improve security, provide better uptime, handle remote office IT, minimise risks, proactively approach IT problems and handle compliance.

Meet your clients’ IT management needs

Our solutions can help MSPs focus on:

Efficiency - ensure each client's business is functioning smoothly 24x7

Responsiveness - ensure service continuity and remain highly responsive

Security - constantly monitor servers and websites to avoid security breaches

Compliance - ensure that clients' security practices are compliant with current rules

Remote management - secure and manage your clients' IT infrastructures effectively

RMM Central

Unified network monitoring and endpoint management for MSPs. Effectively manage and monitor every client’s entire IT network.

Get end-to-end visibility into clients' networks

Ensure 360-degree management and security

Proactively detect and deploy missing patches

Track all hardware and software in your network live

Control and troubleshoot devices remotely

Receive real-time alerts and manage faults in client networks

Desktop Central MSP

Unified endpoint management and security. Handle your clients’ desktops, servers, laptops, and mobile devices from a central location, no matter the organisation’s size.

Support and manage all major OS flavors across endpoints

Automate patch deployment and software distribution

Integrate with help desk tools to meet your SLAs faster

Track granular asset data for hardware and software

Control and troubleshoot devices remotely

Create baselines to manage all types of client environments

Deploy security configurations to all network endpoints

Generate custom reports and individual customer bills


Mobile Device Manager Plus MSP

Comprehensive mobile device management. Manage every aspect of your clients’ IT staffs mobile device use, from enrolling new devices to wiping all corporate information when an employee leaves.

Benefit from a unified console with customer segmentation

Manage Windows, iOS, Linux, Android, and Chrome OS devices

Enforce security policies to secure data at rest, in use, and in transit

Manage apps and OS updates without user intervention

Lock down devices to run a single app or a specific set of apps

Securely share, view, and save corporate resources on mobile devices

Remotely view or control devices to troubleshoot issues

Track device locations and execute remote commands on non-compliant devices

ServiceDesk Plus MSP

Full-stack service management for enterprises. Deploy a comprehensive help desk or service desk, complete with built-in account management, asset management, remote controls, and advanced reporting.

Effectively troubleshoot incidents from every account

Manage client workstations remotely

Implement changes in a controlled, structured environment

Centrally manage purchases and contracts

Monitor business health using a unified MSP dashboard

Coordinate field staff and assign them to client locations


OpManager MSP

Network performance monitoring. Manage multiple clients and cater to their diverse needs with customizations and automations.

Enhance network performance and availability monitoring

Acquire comprehensive service and VM health monitoring

Make fault management foolproof

Generate insightful reports on network performance and health

Benefit from customizable dashboards and widgets

Get vital multi-tenant support details

Implement essential role-based user management


Full-stack monitoring for IT admins, DevOps, and SREs. Securely manage your customers’ front-end and back-end IT infrastructures remotely with the solution’s cloud monitoring, network monitoring, application performance monitoring, and end-user monitoring.

Monitor the uptime and performance of websites and APIs

Ensure the health of VMs, networks, and cloud services

Diagnose and troubleshoot application bottlenecks

Optimise the digital customer experience delivered by single-page applications and websites

Automatically initiate remediation actions for alarm events

Share custom dashboards and reports with clients

Configure a white-labeled customer portal



Complete privileged access security for enterprises. Defend against privileged access misuse with our solution’s powerful access governance and contextual integrations with various IT services.

Privileged account management

Secure remote access provisioning

Just-in-time privilege escalation

SSH key and SSL/TLS certificate management

Privileged session management

DevOps and cloud security

Privileged user behavior analytics

Comprehensive auditing and reporting

Password Manager Pro

Privileged password management. Secure your clients’ privileged accounts, control and monitor privileged access to client networks, and implement stringent security best practices.

Securely store client passwords

Selectively share passwords among MSP admins and clients

Launch direct connections to client networks

Automatically reset passwords

Deploy concurrent controls

Gain visibility on password access

Generate comprehensive audits and reports



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